Fans Believe This Major Clue Confirms Beyonce and Jay-Z's Joint Tour

Many fans are convinced that Bey and Jay will be going on a tour together after they spot a page for the couple on Ticketmaster's U.K. official site.

AceShowbiz - Earlier this year, a rumor began circulating online saying that Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z might be going on a tour together. While the rumors haven't been confirmed by both stars at this time, a new page on Ticketmaster makes fans believe that the rumors are indeed true.

A Bey Twitter fan account who goes by the @YonceHub tweeted a screenshot of Ticketmaster's U.K. Website on February 21. The site showed a listing for the couple, leading many fans to believe that Bey and Jay are preparing for their joint tour.

"A page for 'Beyonce & Jay-Z' has appeared on Ticketmaster UK's official website!" so the user wrote. Another fan fueled the joint tour rumor by sharing that the couple's page also appeared on Ticketmaster's U.S. website. "USA too," so the fan said, adding a crying emoji.

While some fans were thrilled about the new possibility, some others were not happy with it as many Beyhives still hold a grudge against the rapper for his infidelity. "I would be upset if Beyonce does another joint tour with Jay Z... but nonetheless I'm still gonna go like it's Beyonce lol," a fan tweeted.

Another echoed the remarks, "Do I want Bey to go on tour with jay? Absolutely not... Will I still empty my bank account on some tickets if she does? You bet the f**k I will." One other said, "I don't want to see them together again. On The Run was enough."

The joint tour rumors first sparked after Laura Stylez of Hot 97's "Ebro in the Morning" talked about it on-air. "So this is a rumor. I have my sources, ok. So don't ask me any questions," she said. "And again, it's a rumor. I heard, that somebody told, that somebody told me, that somebody told me that the Carters Jay-Z and Beyonce might, this is a might, be announcing a tour very soon."

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