Cindy Crawford's Son Gets Tattoo of His Sister Kaia's Name and Everyone Has Mixed Feeling

Presley Gerber gets his younger sister Kaia's name inked on his left arm to show his love for her, earning him the title 'best big bro ever' from his sister.

AceShowbiz - Now you can't forget Presley Gerber and Kaia Gerber when talking about a close sibling bond. Cindy Crawford's son Presley recently showed how much he loves his sister Kaia by getting a tattoo of her name.

The 18-year-old son of the supermodel and her husband Rande Gerber debuted the tattoo on Thursday, February 15, with a picture of the new ink on his left arm. It has Kaia's first name in a slim script above the number 23 written in Roman numerals. "23," he simply captioned it.


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Kaia took to her Instagram Stories to share the same photo and reveal her feelings after getting the sweet tribute. "@presleygerber best big bro ever," she wrote on the picture.

Kaia and Presley's girlfriend Charlotte D'Alessio accompanied him as he got the tattoo. Charlotte took to her own Instagram account to share a look at Presley getting his new tattoo. The tattoo artist, meanwhile, shared a picture of the three with him during their visit to his tattoo parlor.


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It's unclear what the number "XXIII" means. Some speculate that it could be a combination of Presley and Kaia's birthdays. He was born on July 2, 1999, while the 16-year-old girl was born on September 3, 2001.

Others suggest that it could be a tribute to Kaia's couture show debut during the Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week on January 23.

The Instagram post has also been flooded with reactions from his followers, who mostly have mixed feelings about the tattoo. "weird af but ok," one wrote. "omg wtf," another simply wrote. "So the girlfriend takes this pic, but the name is the sisters. Dude, you are totally crashing for your sister. Hey, I guess it happens #incest," read another comment.

"Is that your sister's name? That's a little strange......," another commented. Another was similarly confused, "Unsettling for sure. If this dude what's to explain 'oh that's my sister Kaia's name' whenever his nailing a girl, then thats his problem. But definitely borderline incestious."

Someone, however, understands Presley's tribute to his sister. "I've seen this with older siblings. Where maybe a parent or both parents have died. The oldest sibling-whose taken the care taker role-tattoos the younger siblings names. That's sweet, of course," he/she responded to another user's comment.

Both Presley and Kaia have followed the footsteps of their mother to go into modeling. They are Cindy's children with her husband Rande Gerber, who had also modeled in the past. The couple has been married since 1998. Cindy was previously married to actor Richard Gere.

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