J. Holiday Slams Beyonce, Cardi B and SZA for Disrespecting Black Men in Their Music

The 'Bed' hitmaker says that the three songstresses should stop using their own heartbreak and pain as inspiration to make music.

AceShowbiz - R'n'B singer J. Holiday has emerged on Instagram to get some things off his chest. He believes that black men are "losing" to black women in music, blaming the likes of Beyonce Knowles, Cardi B and SZA for using their own heartbreak and pain as inspiration to make music.

The singer was particularly mad because there weren't enough black men nominated for the 2018 Grammy Awards. "So apparently the black men still losing to the women -- I get it," he said in an Instagram video. "No disrespect, I was raised by a woman, I have two older sisters, man, I have absolute, all respect for Black women.

He added, "But with that being said, understand this, man: Black men, African-American men, men from the hood, we go through everything to make sure who we care about are taken care of." Holiday continued on his tirade by saying that men in music "don't swing [their] d***s around" and "don't do all this bulls**t to be seen."

Holiday, best known for his 2007 hit song "Bed", then directly called out Bey, Cardi and SZA. "I got daughters, man," he said, adding that the three songstresses should "stop using that f***ing pain to make it okay to say some bulls**t on your record and get nominated for a Grammy for going through some bulls**t. Because so have I as a black motherf***ing man."

While Bey, SZA and Cardi have yet to respond to Holiday's diss, many fans of the songstresses already did it for them, especially Bey fans. Fans of the "Crazy in Love" hitmaker flooded the comment section of Holiday's post with honey bee emojis, suggesting that Bey's music is not "bulls**t" like he said.

A fan commented, "You don't only sound salty... You sound jealous & envious. These women are creative & very talented. Just because you don't like their music doesn't mean others don't. One of the women you stupidly mentioned is Beyonce. You have now committed career suicide... Good luck."

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