Are Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook Dating? Here's What 'Running Man' PD Says About the Rumors

Producing director Jung Chul Min says that both Ji Hyo and Jong Kook do 'go around side by side a lot off-camera,' adding that 'the staff has never given any directions to create a love line.'

AceShowbiz - As %cSong Ji Hyo% and %cKim Jong Kook% continue to show lovely moments on "Running Man", rumors of the two South Korean stars dating in real life keep running rampant. Following the rumors, Jung Chul Min, the producing director of the SBS variety show, reveals that Ji Hyo and Jong Kook do "go around side by side a lot off-camera."

"However, the staff has never given any directions to create a love line," the PD adds. "If there's a suspicious feeling on set while filming, we just try to capture the members' reactions."

He continues saying, "To be honest, I think a love line could be burdensome to Song Ji Hyo because she already had 'Monday couple' [with former cast member %cGary%]. But [Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo] are close to begin with, which is why the rumors may have started. Some viewers say that they're sick of love lines, but we can't hide what happens."

Chul Min, however, insists that Ji Hyo and Jong Kook "are definitely not putting on a show or anything like that." He shares, "What you see is really all there is. The are close enough where %cJi Suk Jin% joked he would bet his entire fortune on them not dating. Just like how [the members] reacted with 'Huh? What's this?,' the staff share the same position."

Despite the rumors, Ji Hyo and Jong Kook seemingly are not planning to change how they act to each other. In the Sunday, January 14 episode of "Running Man", the pair were having another lovely moment, prompting the other cast members to demand the truth of their relationship. They pressed Ji Hyo and Jong Kook with questions such as "Are you two dating?" and "You two seemed pretty close at the Entertainment Awards."

Also starring %cYoo Jae Suk%, %cHaha%, %cLee Kwang Soo%, %cJeon So Min% and %cYang Se Chan%, "Running Man" airs on Sundays at 4.50 P.M. KST on SBS as part of the network's Good Sunday lineup.

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