Amber Rose Is Getting a Breast Reduction Surgery: 'I'm really Scared'

The 34-year-old former exotic dancer takes to social media to reveal that she will undergo a breast reduction surgery on Wednesday.

AceShowbiz - "Stupid heavy" boobs no more! Amber Rose has revealed that she is getting a breast reduction surgery. The 34-year-old former exotic dancer took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday, January 16 to tell her online devotees that she would undergo the procedure on Wednesday.

Amber said she's "really excited" to finally get surgery to reduce her chest size from a 36H, but she admitted that she's nervous, too. "My breast reduction surgery is tomorrow," the buxom model announced. "I'm really scared and really excited at the same time."

The mother of one previously revealed she's considering a breast reduction surgery as she's seriously worried about back pain. "I'm thinking about getting a breast reduction this year ... my boobs are stupid heavy, my back hurts and I can't wear cute lil shirts without a grandma bra," she wrote on Instagram back in July 2017.

"I'm really scared of the lollipop scars tho," she told her fans at the time, before asking them, "any advice? Are there any ladies out there that are much happier even though you have breast reduction scars?" She added, "And no I don't have implants so they can't just cut around the nipples .. tell me about ur experiences."

A "lollipop lift" is a type of breast reduction with minimal cuts, which involves "a surgical incision in a ring around the areola with a straight incision running downward," according to Rand Cosmetic Surgery. This leaves visible scars from the bottom of the breast crease to underneath the areola, making nipples look like a lollipop. But Amber seemingly doesn't have to worry about that as the scars will eventually fade over time.

Amber will be having the procedure done by world-renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeons Dr. David Matlock and Dr. Garth Fisher. Amber apparently loves Dr. Matlock so much that she gave him a shout-out on Instagram over the weekend. Dubbing him "Hollywood's best kept secret," she thanked him "for helping me get rid of my cellulite."

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