Fans Try to Cheer Up EXO's Sehun Following His Concerning Instagram Post

EXO-L flood Sehun's Instagram post with encouraging messages after he hints that he's 'getting hurt by people.'

AceShowbiz - EXO's Sehun apparently wasn't feeling happy recently. The 23-year-old idol sparked concern among his fans after posting on his personal Instagram account a cryptic post hinting at his mood at the moment. He shared a picture of a paper with the Korean phrase, "Getting hurt by people. Was forgiven by time," written on it. He left the image captionless.

Fans noticed that the page shared was from a Korean book titled "Although Crying Would Not Change Anything". The book features a collection of prose poetry penned by writer Park Jun.

EXO-L soon flooded the comment section of the post with encouraging messages. "dont be sad keep strong," one follower wrote. "I know that you so tired and sad, but, don't worry, you 're no alone, EXO-L will always beside you and support for you, so be trong and fighting," a fan commented.

Another wrote a lengthy message which read, "Sehun ah, its ok to feel down sometimes. We are all humans after all. Its ok to feel hurt, its ok to cry. And yes, you are right. It was forgiven by time. But that's how this world is. We can't change whole society all at once right? But we can change our attitude towards those negative people. They will be happy to see you hurt. They will laugh if you cry. They will hurt you more if they know their words are affecting you."

He/she continued, "I have a better option. Why don't you reverse the cycle? When they say something harsh to hurt you, smile at them indicating an attitude 'I know I'm better than you. That's why you can't handle it.' Believe me, it kills them when you smile while they are trying to hurt you. Try it once. And stop caring about negative people. Why do you care why they think what they think? You have done nothing wrong to them. Even so they are criticising you means its only because of jealousy. Ignore them Sehun ah, learn to ignore them for real. Take care."

"Sehuniie you not alone, exol also feel what you fee. Everything is gonna be okay. And EXOLs always pround of you and EXO!! Let's fighting together we love EXO so much," another fan added.

Sehun's groupmate Chanyeol was among those who took to the comment section to cheer him up. The "Catman" star replied to those comments by expressing his gratitude for their support.

Sehun recently performed with his EXO groupmates at the Golden Disc Awards. They were honored with the Disk Bonsang, Genie Music Popularity Award, CeCi Asian Icon Award and Global Popularity Award at the two-day event, which wrapped up on Thursday, January 11.

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