Chinese Daredevil Falls to His Death After Skyscraper Stunt Gone Wrong

Wu Yongning filmed his own death as he plunged from a 62-story skyscraper while doing pull-ups at the top of the Huayuan International Centre in Changsha, central China.

AceShowbiz - Chinese daredevil Wu Yongning is confirmed dead after falling from a 62-story skyscraper. The 26-year-old "rooftopping" enthusiast unwittingly filmed his own death while performing a daring stunt at the top of the Huayuan International Centre in Changsha, central China.

Wu, who called himself "China's First Rooftopper", performed the stunt on November 8. He had already reached the roof of the skyscraper before lowering himself over the edge of the building to do his trademark pull-up stunt. But when he tried to hoist himself back up, he struggled a few times before losing his grip and plunging 45ft on to a terrace below.

The incident was captured on a camera that Wu had placed on another part of the building to record himself. His body was found a moment later by a window cleaner. His girlfriend Jin Jin only confirmed his death a month later.

"Today is December 8th. It makes me think of November 8th, the day you left us and left this world," Jin Jin wrote on social media. To The Beijing News, Jin Jin said that Wu was going to ask her parents' permission to marry her two days after the stunt.

His step-uncle echoed it, telling South China Morning Post, "He planned to propose to his girlfriend [the day after the challenge]. He needed the money for the wedding, and for medical treatment for his ailing mother."

Words are, Wu would have received 100,000 yuan, about $15,000, for the stunt. It's unclear who was offering the prize.

Local police investigating the case described it as an "accident" and have ruled out foul play.

Some people praised Wu for his efforts to help his family. "You are one of those people in this world, you will do anything for your loved ones, absolutely anything," one wrote on the Chinese social media site Weibo.

Some others, however, criticized him for his reckless act. "Why would you seek attention in such a dangerous way, just for your fans?" one of them commented.

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