Kendra Wilkinson Goes on Epic Rant After Accused of Racism for Picking Cotton

The 32-year-old model receives backlash after she shared a photo of her picking cotton in a Texas field, as many claim cotton-picking in the South is linked to slavery.

AceShowbiz - Kendra Wilkinson hit back at critics who accused her of being racist and called her ignorant for picking cotton. The 32-year-old TV personality and glamor model was traveling with her husband Hank Baskett's family for Thanksgiving on Wednesday, November 22 when she stopped in a Texas field to take a photo of herself picking cotton.

After Kendra shared the pic on Instagram Stories, many accused her of racism because of the link between cotton-picking in the South and slavery. In response to the accusation, the mother of two took to the social media feature shortly after to say that all she did was picking cotton and that she didn't mean any harm.

Kendra also took to Twitter to address the accusation. "Lol. I just wanted to pick cotton from a plant cuz I've always wondered how it really felt. Never in my life thought of color or race at the time," she began tweeting. "I was trespassing n ran up to grab some cotton. I am not racist. Was just having fun n wanted to feel n wondered how it felt. Hahahahah."

"I can't believe I'm getting accused of being racist when I'm sitting here with my black father in law rt now baffled at the accusations," the former "Kendra" star continued. "F**k off to anyone who don't know me n know what I'm about. Just cuz I picked some f***ing cotton. It's a f***ing plant. Omg I can't."

Wanting to continue spending time with her family, Kendra told haters, "Anyways, I'm going to go now n have a great thanksgiving with my family n i hope you all do the same. Love to ALLLLLLLLLL." She concluded, "I would never joke about black history. Anyone that thinks i joked about that can suck it."

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