Jay Park and AOA's Hyejeong Almost Kiss on 'SNL Korea' Season Finale

One of the skits in the final episode of season 9 saw the South Korean rapper/singer leaning toward Hyejeong for a kiss, but was interrupted by her younger brother.

AceShowbiz - Jay Park is back, people! The South Korean rapper/singer made his return to Korean version of "Saturday Night Live" in the final episode of the show's season 9. In one of the sketches during the episode, the former cast member was seen having an intimate moment with AOA's Hyejeong, who is a current cast member of the tvN comedy.

Jay, playing Hyejeong's boyfriend, was featured visiting Hyejeong's house to meet her family for the first time. Donning a black leather jacket over a gray hoodie, Jay said, "I'm nervous to meet your family." But, it didn't stop him from being playful as he said to Hyejeong, "Since there's nobody around, shall we kiss?"

Hyejeong responded shyly, "What if someone walks in on us?" Jay ignored it though as he leaned toward his girlfriend for a kiss. However, it was interrupted by the sudden arrival of Hyejeong's younger brother (played by female comedian Lee See Young).

The younger brother bore an uncanny resemblance to the rapper as he sported similar outfit and hairstyle with what Jay had in the skit. In addition, they behaved similarly, much to their own horror.

Jay joined the show as a regular cast member back in season 4 to 6. His casting came after he hosted episode 13 of season 3 in December 2012. The episode achieved a nationwide rating of 1.54|percent|, with a peak of 1.85|percent|. It earned 1.04|percent| ratings in the 20 to 49 demo, and 1.96|percent| with a peak of 2.49|percent| for women in their 40s, making it the most-watched program in its time slot for both age groups. During his time on "Saturday Night Live" Korea, Jay once parodied Jay-Z's "Run This Town" alongside host and singer Lee Soo Young.

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