Kim Zolciak Exposes Brielle Briemann's Boob on Snapchat, Is Slammed for 'Pimping' Her Daughter

'Okay, well, show 'em,' the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star said to her 19-year-old daughter, who later lifted up her shirt and flashed her naked boob to the camera.

AceShowbiz - It seemed like %cKim Zolciak% and her daughter %cBrielle Briemann% were having too much fun in recent Snapchat video which Kim posted. "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star landed in hot water after she appeared to encourage her daughter to flash her bare breast in the controversial video.

The video, which was allegedly meant to be sent to %cKhloe Kardashian% in private, saw the 39-year-old TV star seemingly telling the youngest Kardashian sister, who is rumored to be expecting, how big her boobs would look like when pregnant. She later asked her 19-year-old daughter to show off her breasts.

Brielle was seen hesitating at first and revealed that Khloe had squeezed them once. "Okay, well, show 'em," Kim said to Brielle, who later lifted up her shirt and flashed her naked boob to the camera.

It might be an accident that Kim shared the video for the whole world to see. However, it didn't stop people from coming to the TV star and slamming her.

Some went as far as comparing her to %cKris Jenner%, who is often accused of pimping her daughters. A Twitter user took a jab at Kim, writing, "@Kimzolciak you're disgusting. I loathe your nasty a**," alongside a screenshot of Brielle showing off her naked breast. Similarly, another user slammed Kim and said, "@Kimzolciak why are you encouraging your daughter @BrielleZolciak to flash her boob then you post it to social media for all to see??! Truly disgraceful #whitetrash #terriblemother."

Aside from the controversy, some people were psyched over Kim's recent Snapchat video which seemingly confirmed that Khloe's pregnant with her first child with boyfriend %cTristan Thompson%. A fan wrote, "I'm SCREAMING! Kim Zolciak posted a snap that was meant for Khloe Kardashian. She said 'So Khloe how big her boobs are going to be when…' and then Brielle flashed her boobs." Another user also sounded equally excited, tweeting, "Pretty sure @Kimzolciak just accidentally confirmed @khloekardashian is pregnant 😳 ...with @BrielleZolciak 's boob lol."

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