'The Royals' Cast and Crew Say They Were Sexually Harassed by Mark Schwahn

Twenty-five female cast and crew members of the E! series claim that the showrunner likes to abuse his power and influence.

AceShowbiz - Mark Schwahn is hit with sexual harassment allegation again. This time, 25 female cast and crew members of "The Royals" have written a joint letter accusing the former showrunner of the show of sexual misconduct.

The letter came after the female cast and crew of "One Tree Hill" wrote their statement. "The Royals" cast and crew stated that they felt obliged to write one too. "Upon reading a statement from the ladies of 'One Tree Hill', a statement from their Royal sisters could not possibly go unwritten," they opened the letter.

They went on sharing their story, stating that Schwahn liked to abuse his power and influence, leading him to sexually harass multiple female members of cast and crew. "Where we should have been excited to meet new female cast and crew members, we felt nauseating concern in case they too should have him track down their mobile number," they shared.

"Where we should have offered our friends who auditioned for 'The Royals' scene help and advice, we offered warnings about the man they would meet in the room," they continued. "More than all of this, where we should all collectively have felt pride over jobs hard won and roles much loved, we felt undermined as artists and creatives, and in many cases, no more than a sum of body attributes."

They concluded the letter by thanking the cast and crew of "One Tree Hill" who have given them the courage to open up. "Thank you most of all to the women of 'One Tree Hill', whose solid gold backbones have moved us enormously. To you we doff our crowns," they wrote.

It has previously been announced that Schwahn is suspended from "The Royals" following the sexual harassment allegations. However, his suspension won't affect the upcoming season 4 of the series, which began airing in 2015.

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