Possible First Look at Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock in 'Venom' Arrives

New photos of Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock have surfaced online as he is spotted on the set of the Spider-Man spin-off, preparing for a night shoot.

AceShowbiz - British actor Tom Hardy was spotted on the set of "Venom (2018)", an upcoming Spider-Man spin-off. He was seen wearing all-black outfit, a baseball cap and a pair of headphones around his neck. It is unknown whether the actor wore those outfits for his scenes or it was just his casual outfit while he waited to start filming in Atlanta. But if he was in fact wearing his costume, this counts as a very first look at Hardy's version of Eddie Brock.

"The Dark Knight Rises" actor plays the role of Venom, the alter ego of journalist Eddie Brock, as well as the enemy of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The news of his casting was announced by Sony Pictures through their Twitter account in May, with an image of the 40-year-old actor wearing Venom T-shirt. This is the second time that Hardy plays a villainous role in superhero films after Bane in Christopher Nolan's last Batman film, "The Dark Knight Rises".

Even though the plot of "Venom" is not yet known, the film reportedly explores Venom's origins and Jeckyll/Hyde relationship that Brock has with his alter ego. The character comes from Spider-Man story where Peter Parker got a black suit, which turned out to be an alien suit capable of thinking on its own. He got rid of the suit and it was found and used by Eddie Brock.

During a Facebook Live interview with AlloCine, Marvel Studios president confirmed that this antihero film would not include Spider-Man and would not be connected to Marvel Cinematic Universe, making the fans feel a little unsure about the outcome of the project. Although there will not be a crossover, the movie executive said that the film would take place in in the same world as "Spider-Man: Homecoming".

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, the production of "Venom" began in late October. The film is set for U.S theatrical release on October 5, 2018

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