RZA Confirms Russell Crowe Spat at Azealia Banks, Wants to Make a Movie Scene About It

The 'You Can't Stop Me Now' rapper claims that he saw the 'Gladiator' actor spat at the female rapper during party confrontation last year.

AceShowbiz - The truth finally came out. In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, %cRZA% affirmed that %cRussell Crowe% did spit at %cAzealia Banks% during a party at the actor's Beverly Hills hotel suite in October 2016. The rapper also revealed that the "Gladiator" star apologized to him after the incident. RZA added that he wanted to make a movie scene based on that.

"Look, he spit at her. I saw that," he claimed. The rapper then revealed that Crowe didn't actually spit at her, but he spat on the ground near Banks. RZA continued, "He apologized to me, but the night was crazy. I don't wanna relive it. It was crazy and it was super duper awkward. One day, I'll make a scene in a movie about it. You'll see it and then you go 'oh.' "

Following the interview, Banks gave a response on Snapchat, expressing her disappointment to the "Love Beats Rhymes" director. "RZA has to stop talking about me in the media. Until he is ready to apologize [to me] publicly, he can go back to sucking Russell Crowe's d**k for invites to Hollywood parties," she wrote.

"Nobody understand how badly I wanted to die the moment RZA LIED and told the world I deserved to be spat," Banks added. "People laughed at me and said I lied. No one understands the amount of pain that came with and after that incident. Just f**king respect me and stop saying me name. @RZA I hope you drop dead."

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In 2016, Banks claimed that Crowe called her the n-word, choked her, threw her out and spat at her during a party at the actor's hotel suite. She then filed a lawsuit against Crowe, but the case was later dropped when Los Angeles District Attorney concluded that Crowe's action was a prevention of imminent violence threatened by Banks, according to TMZ.

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