Han Seo Hee Disses Big Bang's T.O.P and His Penis on Instagram Live

The trainee, who was caught smoking marijuana with the 'FXXK IT' singer, made a sexually harassing comment about T.O.P during an Instagram Live session.

AceShowbiz - Han Seo Hee has once again stunned everyone with her comment about T.O.P. The trainee, who was caught smoking marijuana with the Big Bang member last October, made a sexually harassing comment about the "FXXK IT" on Instagram Live on Sunday, September 24.

During the Instagram Live session, Seo Hee talked about various things, including calling herself a "walking atomic bomb" because she knew many stories and secrets that she could expose. At one point, she hinted at the size of T.O.P's penis as she said, "His 'down there' is the size of a MAC," referring to a MAC lipstick.

Her comment soon received negative comments from people, especially since she claimed during the Instagram Live that she would sue people who were making sexually harassing comments about her. She was accused of doing the same thing to T.O.P.

Seo Hee recently appealed her original sentencing in the marijuana case, but by the end of the trial on September 20, her original sentencing of 4 years of probation remained along with 120 hours of drug counseling and a fine of 870,000 Won (US$767.72). Seo Hee admitted her guilt and withdrew her appeal.

"The crime took place for a long period of time. If you see it as a social disaster, the nature of the crime isn't light," the court stated, adding, "The defendant has acknowledged her crime and is currently reflecting." Seo Hee, however, insisted that it was T.O.P who first suggested that they smoke marijuana.

Seo Hee recently also revealed that she's going debut as a part of a 4-member girl group next year. "We'll be debuting in January at the latest," she said, adding that they hadn't decided on a group name yet.

"I'm feeling good these days," she said. "We haven't decided on a group name. Our producer set a name for us but I didn't like it, so I asked if we could choose a different one."

Seo Hee claimed that she was chosen as the leader of the group, whose members she described as "very pretty." She gushed, "I'm the oldest so I'm the leader. The friends I'm debuting with are all very pretty."

She also addressed criticisms about her planned debut, "Even if I just stay still, I'm going to be criticized, so I decided I might as well start [preparing for my debut] now."

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