'Fear the Walking Dead' 3.12 Sneak Peeks: Jake Considers Leaving the Ranch

A preview for next week's episode teases the return of Troy, a zombie attack at the ranch and Nick dealing with his own psychological issue.

AceShowbiz - What's next on "Fear the Walking Dead" season 3. After a peaceful solution to the lack of water in this week's episode, people at the ranch will face a zombie attack as hinted in a preview for the next episode.

But that's not their only problem as the video also teases Troy's return after he's being exiled in last week's episode. Not showing any change a bit, Troy talks about a reckoning, which means his return will bring a threat to Madison and co.

Meanwhile, Jake's ability to lead is questioned. "Jake is weak," Ofelia says. Another sneak peek for the said outing sees Jake talking with Alicia about wanting to leave the ranch. Alicia tries to assure him that things will be better after the rain comes, but Jake says there's a better place out of the ranch.

"Brother's Keeper" airs Sunday, October 1. According to the official synopsis, "Nick and Jake set out to handle a delicate situation; the Ranch prepares for a threat greater than any they've faced before."

In an interview with EW, showrunner Dave Erickson talks about Walker's plan to kick everyone that was not part of the Black Hat Reservation out of the ranch had Madison not been able to secure the water. "Look, Walker is pretty exact in what he says, and I do think that he saw an opportunity to take over the ranch - under the auspices of this truce, but they would've taken it by force," Erickson says.

He adds, "So had she not rolled up with that water tank, I think his intention was to make his way back and then he would’ve gone and talked to Crazy Dog, and they would have expelled everyone."

Erickson also teases another tense situation at the ranch. "It is going to be worse, not better, by the time they get there. And it may or may not involve Troy," he says.

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