Farrah Abraham Documents Her Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure, Shares the Pics

'Loving my lady parts!' the 'Teen Mom' star writes along with photos of her alongside a nurse at the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center in Los Angeles.

AceShowbiz - %cFarrah Abraham% is bragging about her newly-rejuvenated lady parts. The 26-year-old reality TV star took to Instagram to share pictures of her getting vaginal rejuvenation procedure at the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center in Los Angeles.

In one photo, she donned a lace top paired with a black skirt while standing next to nurse Sara Fowler in front of a lobby desk. Another photo showed the "Teen Mom" star wearing a shiny silver bra and lying on an examination table with a sheet over her legs while the nurse performed the procedure. A lot of cameras documented the procedure.

In a video Farrah shared, the nurse explained the procedure. "What this does is distributes little wounds through radio frequency which kind of breaks up the collagen and forces it to restore during that healing process, so everything becomes tighter and you actually experience …," Sara said.

Farrah interrupted to ask, "Like I'm 16 again?" Sara answered with a laugh, "There you go, like you're 16 again!" Farrah captioned the post with "Loving my lady parts!" and encouraged her followers to "schedule your noninvasive appointment today."

Many of her followers criticized her decision to get the procedure. "Kinda sad she needs it lol," one wrote. Another added, "She is so disgusting!!" Another weighed in, "What kind of mother cares about her body more than her own child? you're not even 30 yet and you're gettting all of this surgery. you're a disgrace to yourself, your own daughter, and as a human, period! smdh."

Others were baffled that Farrah shared the private procedure. "Good on you for getting that done but not entirely sure why something so personal and private needs to be shared with everyone," one commenter wondered.

Someone tried to explain it, "They paid her for this. It's a plug. That's why she shared it. She's a business woman. Why keep asking why she shared it?? She shared it because she got paid to plug a business."

Farrah indeed never tried to hide the fact that she underwent plastic surgeries. The mother of one previously revealed she had undergone rhynoplasty, chin implant and breast augmentation procedures. Besides the vaginal rejuvenation procedure, Farrah reportedly had butt tightening procedure at the clinic.

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