New 'Marvel's Runaways' Teaser Trailer Hints at Old Lace's Appearance

Unlike the previously leaked teaser trailer, the new one sees both the Runaways and their Pride parents sharing dialogue as well as offers a brief glimpse of the genetically engineered dinosaur.

AceShowbiz - There is not much known about upcoming Hulu series "Marvel's Runaways", except for what was seen in the leaked teaser trailer which took Internet by storm in May. However, fans now get more insights into the series, which follows a group of six young heroes, as new teaser trailer has found its way out online.

The teaser appeared to have been shared by a fansite of %cGregg Sulkin%, who plays Chase Stein. Unlike the previously-leaked teaser trailer, the new one sees both the Runaways and their Pride parents sharing dialogue. Also briefly glimpsed in the trailer is Old Lace, a genetically engineered dinosaur which hand is making a quick appearance.

"We were friends because our parents were friend. We were always going to grow apart," %cVirginia Gardner%'s Karolina Dean can be heard saying. However, things change when they discover the dark truth of their parents as members of villainous secret cabal called The Pride. "What kind of charity meeting is this?" Chase asks when the group stumbles upon a Pride meeting.

"Marvel's Runaways" follows "a group of six teenagers in the Marvel universe - Nico Minoru, Karolina Dean, Molly Hayes, Chase Stein, Alex Wilder, and Gertrude Yorkes - who discover that their parents are secretly members of a supervillain cabal called The Pride. After deciding they're no longer safe in their own homes, the kids go on the run. In the midst of hiding from their elders, the teens learn about themselves and become a family of their own."

Also starring on the series are %cAllegra Acosta%, %cAriela Barer%, %cBrigid Brannagh%, %cEver Carradine%, %cRhenzy Feliz% and %cBrittany Ishibashi%. Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage executive produce the series as well as serve as showrunners and writers. Also executive producing are Jeph Loeb and Jim Chory. Fake Empire's Lis Rowinski produces with ABC Signature Studios co-producing.

"Marvel's Runaways" is expected to be released this winter or early next spring on Hulu.

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