A Tribe Called Quest Debuts Captivating Black-and-White Video for 'Dis Generation'

The three-minute clip is the follow-up to the legendary hip-hop group's video for 'We The People' which features the late Phife Dawg as a moving mural.

AceShowbiz - A Tribe Called Quest released a music video for "Dis Generation" on March 30. The black-and-white clip finds Q-Tip rapping as he walks through the subway platform while people around him stand still. Q-Tip, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Jarobi and Busta Rhymes deliver their verses while they take over subway, streets and stage.

The video is directed by Hiro Murai and seen as the best way to perfectly understand the song. "How does the song work? One might understand better by watching Hiro Murai's video for it. The "Atlanta" director's vision travels forward in an infinite tableau, which is of course what the paths of rhythm are there to explore. In the universe of Tribe, all is united, all is rhythm, all is truth, and all of that," Q-Tip said in an interview.

"Handle rocks with the capital G, ball on the beat/ Status, Chris Paul and John Wall in the League/ Grabbin' mics till the knuckles would bleed/ 'Cause I believe the potent that I'm quoting will have you geeked like speed/ If rationale is naturale or a weave/ It's all edges and peas/ Settin' press, we on a permanent steeze/ I'm in a world where my princess is Leia/ And she's feeling my Vader/ And lure grows greater," Q-Tip and Jarobi rap at the beginning of "Dis Generation".

"Dis Generation" is a track off ATCQ's 2016 album, "We Got It from Here... Thank You 4 Your Service". The album was the group's first project in almost 20 years, and it was released in November 2016, six months after the death of a founding member, Phife Dawg. "I don't think there's gonna be another Tribe album because, you know, you can't do it without Phife," Q-Tip said in an interview with Noisey. "If we were ever to do something together, it would probably be under a different name. A Tribe Called Quest is done. As far as I see."

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