Kristen Wiig Is Dancing in New 'The Last Man on Earth' Midseason Premiere Promo

The actress can be seen wearing a spandex suit complete with a silver vest as she dances to Laura Branigan's '80s song 'Gloria' on the FOX post-apocalyptic comedy series.

AceShowbiz - FOX has released a preview for the tenth episode of "The Last Man on Earth" season three. The 30-second video offers glimpses of %cKristen Wiig% wearing a handmade hazmat suit as she sneakily walks to an isolated place and makes sure no one follows her.

The isolated place is apparently the only place that makes her feel safe so then she can comfortably remove the hazmat suit. A scene in the video features Wiig wearing a black spandex suit with silver vest as she dances to a famous '80s song "Gloria" by %cLaura Branigan%.

The remaining half of the third season of "The Last Man on Earth" will take place in the first moments of the outbreak of the deadly virus. Wiig apparently tries her best to avoid being infected by the virus so she creates her own hazardous materials suit, which consists of a trashbag, goggles, a mask and rubber gloves.

Not only one, but Wiig will appear in multiple episodes of the post-apocalyptic comedy. The series marks her reunion with "Saturday Night Live" vet %cWill Forte%. Wiig and Forte previously worked together in "MacGruber", which is a parody of action-adventure TV series "MacGyver". They also collaborated in comedy film "The Brothers Solomon" back in 2007.

"The Last Man on Earth" season 3B premieres on Sunday, March 5 at 9:30 P.M. ET on FOX.

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