New 'Kong: Skull Island' TV Spot Offers Better Look at Tom Hiddleston's Character

The TV spot reveals that Hiddleston's James Conrad at first isn't in the least interested in leading an expedition to an uncharted island, particularly because it's too dangerous.

AceShowbiz - Less than a month away before the "Kong: Skull Island" release, a new TV spot is debuted for audience's viewing pleasure. The TV spot offers a better look at %cTom Hiddleston%'s James Conrad, an unhappy former British SAS Captain who is later recruited for an expedition to an uncharted island.

The TV spot reveals that Conrad at first isn't in the least interested in the mission. "An uncharted island?" he says sarcastically to the men who offer him to be the expedition's leader. Conrad later mentions the things which will possibly kill them in such island, including rain, heat and creatures that may eat them alive.

The scene switches to show angry beasts and Kong creating chaos in the treacherous island. At the end of the TV spot, one of the recruiters hands Conrad more money to lure him to join the mission. Conrad seems reconsidering the offer.

"Kong: Skull Island" centers on a group of explorers and soldiers who travel to uncharted island in the Pacific. Accidentally crossing into a domain of monsters, they have to face dangerous creatures which include the mythical Kong.

"Kong: Skull Island" started filming in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia in mid-January 2016. Production has now finished and the movie is scheduled to be released on March 10 in the U.S. Other cast members include %cBrie Larson% as Mason Weaver, %cSamuel L. Jackson% as Packard, %cJohn Goodman% as Bill Randa, %cToby Kebbell% as Jack Chapman, %cCorey Hawkins% as Houston Brooks and %cJohn C. Reilly% as Hank Marlow. Kong is portrayed by %cTerry Notary% through motion capture.

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