'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Who's Heading to Season Finale?

'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Who's Heading to Season Finale?

The episode features Jessica Alba and Tyra Banks joining Patrick Schwarzenegger as guest advisers on the reality game show.
The eighth installment of "The Celebrity Apprentice" returned with its sixth episode titled "Bon Voyage". The episode began with the final four, Boy George, Laila Ali, Brooke Burke-Chavet and Matt Iseman, meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger and Patrick Schwarzenegger at the Annenberg Community Beach House. Jessica Alba, founder of The Honest Company, and Chris Thorne, chief marketing officer at The Honest Company, joined the show as guest advisers.

Arnold put Boy on Team Prima alongside Brooke, leaving Laila and Matt on Team Arete. The teams had to demonstrate The Honest Company products to attract new customers. They would be judged based on creativity, brand allignment and overall execution.

Team Prima project manager was Boy. The team chose the hand sanitizer, stain remover and glass cleaner products. Though Brooke wanted Boy to sing, he wanted to step out of the box by incorporating spirituality into their presentation. Brooke worried that Boy wasn't detailed enough, while Boy thought his teammate was too serious. When Patrick visited the team, Brooke claimed that she was the only one who organized the whole process. Boy admitted that he was angry because Brooke was bossy.

Laila, who was the project manager of Team Arete, thought she had an advantage of already being a user of the Honest Company products. The team chose to feature multi-surface cleaner, organic healing balm and dish soap. Laila wanted the team to take on a more personal story as what Jessica had suggested, but Matt wanted it to be more of a sales pitch. Matt then worried Laila's creativity was limited, and he was also frustrated because Laila didn't focus on their script. Matt and Brooke ended up secretly venting their dissapointment on each other via text messages.

Boy started off the demonstration for Team Prima by talking about Buddhism and the metaphor of the stained mirror. Brooke looked at Jessica, who was clearly not impressed by the presentation. On Team Arete, Matt screwed up their presentation a bit as he mentioned his girlfriend who had rashy hands.

In the boardroom, Jessica said that Team Arete had a concise presentation. They also did a good job by hitting all the product values and they had a real strong tangible takeaway. But Jessica thought the team lacked creativity and was too infomercial. On Team Prima, Jessica admitted that she really liked the background music and their depiction of a married couple, even though it was too risky. However, Jessica thought the team didn't give a tangible takeaway about why the Honest Company was different than other companies. The winner was Team Prima and Boy got the prize of $50,000 for his favorite charity Safe Kids Worldwide.

Team Arete's manager Laila blamed Matt for their loss as she said that Matt was very unattached to the product. However, Matt thought it was Laila who stopped him from being creative. He felt that Laila was the one who failed as project manager and should be fired. Matt also pointed out that it was his first time in jeopardy. Arnold then told Laila, "You're terminated."

Right before they wanted to go home, the remaining three were told that there would be another elimination, leaving two contestants for the finale. All three had won $100,000 each for their charities. Matt had 7 wins and 4 losses, Boy had 7 wins and 3 losses, while Brooke had 5 wins and 6 losses. After the three convinced Arnold about why they should go on the finale, the former governor praised all contestants, but then he said, "Brooke, you're terminated."

For the final challenge, Matt and Boy had to showcase the Carnival cruise experience by creating an ad campaign, hosting a party, as well as producing 15-minute variety show. They would be judged on overall brand integration, creativity, guest experience and money raised through ticket sales. Tyra Banks and Carnival's Chief Executive Officer Arnold W. Donald joined the show as guest advisers.

Matt would be helped by Carnie Wilson, Carrie Keagan and Kyle Richards, none of whom has worked with him before. Matt wanted to highlight the Carnival and Holland lines and planned to dispel myths about cruising. The team went with their on-board photoshoot even though they didn't have a theme at that time. Matt worried about the creativity of the photos and hoped they could make up in the creativity side with their ad text and presentation.

Meanwhile, Boy was reunited with Laila, Carson Kressley and Porsha Williams. Boy wanted to promote the Princess and Seabourn lines and avid cruiser Carson, who seemed like a real advantage. Carson and the women worked on the photo shoot while Boy struggled to line up talent for the variety show. Porsha said that Boy was a "terror from hell" when he started to push the team to work faster.

On the next day, Boy started raising money for donations while Carson lined up Natasha Bedingfield as a performer. The team decided to make their party reminiscent of an on-board cocktail party. Laila and Porsha were in charge of food, beverage and aesthetics, while Carson spent his time on the ad campaign.

Matt was finally motivated after he came up with a tag line, "one destination that takes you anywhere." His team decided to bring in animals to represent different locations. Carrie handled the ad campaign, Kyle spearhead the party and Carnie was in charge of food and entertainment. The team was pretty organized, but Matt was worried that his fundraising wouldn't beat Boy's team.

In the last minutes, Matt panicked because he wasn't satisfied with the photos and he thought he couldn't raise enough money for the fundraising challenge. On the other team, Boy was stressed out over compossing a song for their event. The singer even yelled at the reality star's producer after he clashed with a keyboardist. He threatened to leave the show if the producer didn't fire the keyboardist.

The result of the final task will be revealed in the upcoming episode of "The Celebrity Apprentice" on Monday, February 13 on NBC.

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