'Celebrity Apprentice' Premiere Recap: What Is Arnold Schwarzenegger's Catchprase?

The 'Terminator Genisys' actor delivers a different catchphrase from previous 'Apprentice' boss Donald Trump when sending off the first eliminated contestant.

AceShowbiz - "The Celebrity Apprentice" premiered its eighth season on Monday, January 2 featuring new host %cArnold Schwarzenegger%. In the first episode, sixteen celebrities competing to be the "apprentice" were divided into teams based on gender.

On the women's team called "Team Prima" are %cLaila Ali%, %cBrooke Burke%, %cCarrie Keagan%, %cLisa Leslie%, %cSnooki%, %cKyle Richards%, %cPorsha Williams% and %cCarnie Wilson%. On the men's "Team Arete" side are %cEric Dickerson%, %cBoy George%, %cMatt Iseman%, %cCarson Kresley%, %cJon Lovitz%, %cVince Neil%, %cChael Sonnen% and %cRicky Williams%.

In the first one-hour, the teams were tasked to create a 10-minute "TYRA Beauty experience" for adviser %cTyra Banks%. Team Prima elected Porsha to be project manager, while Team Arate nominated Boy.

Team Prima chose to have their four models apply the makeup themselves to show the easiness of using Tyra's products. Porsha got surprised when she realized that Tyra, Arnold and his adviser, nephew Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger were all in attendance.

Team Arate, meanwhile, gave makeup demonstrations to show that "manly men" can apply Tyra's products to women. During the presentation, Matt declared their motto, "I came, I saw, I contoured." Tyra seemed happily amused.

In the boardroom, Arnold called the presentations "fantastic," but only one team was "superior." Tyra, meanwhile, questioned the lack of details in Team Prima's presentation and the decision not to use their "famous faces." Team Arete eventually won $50,000 for Boy's charity, Safe Kids Worldwide.

Porsha broke down in tears as she insisted the person Arnold fired shouldn't be her. Porsha said Snooki should be fired for underperforming, while Carrie was quick to blame her as project manager. In the end, Arnold sent off Carrie with his own catchphrase, "Carrie, you're terminated. Now get to the chopper."

For the second task, the teams were told to make a song and video to promote Trident's "Cherish Your Teeth" campaign. Carnie stepped up for her team, while Jon took over Boy's role.

Carnie embraced a boxing-themed idea from Kyle. Lisa took charge of filming the video, while Carnie came up with the song. The music video, however, had to be reshot when the footage she received was so poor.

Team Arate used Carson's idea of showing the "little things" that make people smile. Boy and Vince took on composing the song, but the former was unhappy the Motley Crue member was drinking as they worked. Boy later brought up Vince's drinking during the presentation time.

In the end, the executives liked the guys' ad and they once again won the competition. Jon won $50,000 for St. Jude's.

Carnie brought Snooki and Lisa to the boardroom. While Lisa blamed Carnie for their loss, Snooki refused to say who should be fired. Arnold saw no reason to fire Snooki or Lisa, and told Carnie that she was "terminated" for not bring back Kyle and "miscalculating" the whole thing. "Hasta la vista, baby!" he added.

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