Does Donald Trump Threaten to Arrest Alec Baldwin for Spoofing Him on 'SNL'?

In other news, Baldwin reveals how much he's paid for playing the president-elect on NBC's 'Saturday Night Live'.

AceShowbiz - %cDonald Trump% has so many times slammed %cAlec Baldwin% for spoofing him on "Saturday Night Live", but a new report suggests that the president-elect may take a more serious action to stop the actor from impersonating him. Words are, Mr. Trump has threatened to arrest Baldwin once he's sworn in as President of the U.S.

In a screenshot of Trump's alleged tweet, the 70-year-old wrote, "Jan 21st I will have Alex Baldwin arrested for sedition and SNL cancelled!! Their portrayel of me is very unfair!!" The said message dated December 17, however, does not appear on timeline.

It appears that the tweet is fake. While it's possible that message might have been deleted, the press has been following Trump on Twitter and it's highly unlikely that they let it pass without reporting such strong remark.

Moreover, though Trump's tweets have often presented spelling errors, he does know the actor's name is spelled "Alec Baldwin" and not "Alex Baldwin," as evidenced by his previous tweets about the "30 Rock" alum.

Meanwhile, Baldwin has revealed how much he's paid for impersonating Trump. Speaking to The New York Times, he says that he just makes $1,400 for each appearance on "SNL". He also notes that he does not write the sketches.

While Baldwin, a staunch Democrat, won't back down from impersonating Trump, his appearances on the NBC series may not continue to be as frequent as they have been as he's set to work on two upcoming movies.

On Trump's reaction to his performance, Baldwin calls it "funny," and says, "Whoever it is, wouldn't it be great to be the person who pulls the sword out of the stone? Who gets rid of this guy? Wouldn't that be thrilling?"

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