Kylie Jenner Is Sexy 'Dirrty' Christina Aguilera for Another Halloween Party

Kylie gets 'Dirty, Filthy, Nasty' in Xtina-inspired outfit when hitting a Halloween party in Los Angeles with boyfriend Tyga.

AceShowbiz - Kylie Jenner channeled her inner Christina Aguilera for a Halloween party on Saturday, October 29. The youngest Kardashian/Jenner daughter got "Dirrty" in a striped bikini top and crotch-less long black-and-red pants that she paired with red hot pants to add some modesty.

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"Dirty, Filthy, Nasty, you nasty yeah. Too dirty to clean my act up...If you ain't dirty..You ain't here to partyyyyy whooo," Kylie wrote on Instagram. She came to the bash at Bootsy Bellows' with her rapper boyfriend Tyga who got patriotic as Team USA basketball star.


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Kylie was pleased with her transformation that she gushed, "Can I be XTINA forever." Unfortunately, she was not the only one paying tribute to the singer at the Los Angeles party that night. Fashion designer Imogen Anthony also pulled off an identical look at the soiree.

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When they bumped into each other, Imogen said, "I was like oh hey girl... You look familiar." She also explained, "Don't even know what to say when what's-her-face does the similar DIRRTY look for Halloween. Great minds think a like!! I've been planning mine for months!!"

She added, "Any hate will be removed, 'what's her face' is a common Australian term for another person. I'm not insulting anyone, I just don't want to tag her and look like a fan girl."

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