Azealia Banks Breaks Down in Tears While Detailing 'Humiliating' Russell Crowe Assault

The raptress says that Crowe mocked her career before he choked her, called her the N-word and kicked her out of the party at Beverly Hills Hotel earlier this month.

AceShowbiz - Azealia Banks got emotional while discussing the incident at that Russell Crowe party. During a sit-down with "Access Hollywood", the Harlem raptress broke down in tears as she shared her side of the story, saying that the actor made fun of her music career before the altercation took place.

Banks told the "Access Hollywood" host that she left Crowe's party feeling "humiliated." "Every time something like this happens, I'm always being blamed for wanting this kind of attention," she said through tears. "Like, who f**king wants to tell someone they got spat on? That's humiliating. I'm just really, really humiliated."

The party was held by Crowe at the Beverly Hills Hotel earlier this month and Banks was there because rapper RZA brought her along. The "212" hitmaker then took to Facebook to accuse the actor of choking her, calling her the N-word and spitting on her before forcefully removing her from the room.

Multiple guests told investigators that Banks was kicked out because of her erratic behavior. She also mocked one of the guests and threatened to cut a woman with a piece of glass.

Even RZA came to Crowe's defense, saying in a Facebook post that Banks did try to attack the woman. "Azealia threaten to cut a girl in the face with a glass, then actually grabs a glass and physically attacks for no logical reason. Russell blocked the attack and expelled her from the suite," he shared. Despite reportedly being the one causing the troubles, Banks filed a battery report against Crowe.

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