Is Tupac Still Alive? Rapper's New Selfie Arrives 20 Years After His Death

Is Tupac Still Alive? Rapper's New Selfie Arrives 20 Years After His Death

A new photo recently emerged showing a man looking exactly like the legendary rapper, who was gunned down 20 years ago at the age of 25.
Tupac Shakur was brutally gunned down in Las Vegas nearly twenty years ago. However, more people now believe that he faked his death after a new selfie of him emerged online, showing him alive and well.

The photo was featured in a video titled "Tupac is alive new proof 2016" posted on YouTube. It shows a man, who looks exactly like Tupac, taking a picture of himself in a red bandana and a blue zip-up jacket.

According to the person who shared the clip, the snap was taken in 2015. "This photo is a kind of 'selfie' and its a picture of 2015 after a big search I found that this is a phone made in 2011," read a note in the video.

A lot of people commenting on the video refuse to believe that Tupac is still alive, saying that the rapper would've looked older if he were indeed still alive. "its been 20 years or something and he wouldn't look like that," said a commenter. "[Dr. Dre] doesn't look the same as he did 20 years ago Eminem doesn't look the same he did 20 years ago but nah I'm sure Tupac just hasn't aged or decided to do anything to any hair on his body even though he would be 'hiding' for 20 years?"

However, the photo managed to convince some others. "Yo I used to think that Tupac faking death conspiracy is fake but after listening to this, holy f**k. I'm pretty convinced!?" someone said. "I cant believe it!, he's really alive! my dad is going to be so happy!!:)?" another added.

Tupac was killed on September 13, 1996 in a shooting that remains unsolved until now. Since then, there have been conspiracy theories saying that he paid people to help him fake his own death and is now living a secret life in Cuba.

A retired cop named David Myers was allegedly one of those people Pac paid. The former police officer revealed in an interview last year that he was paid $1.5 million to help with the plan and there were still 30 other people involved.

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