Elizabeth Banks Breaks Silence on Leaving 'Pitch Perfect 3'

The 'Pitch Perfect 2' director explains that she opts to give the third movie to a new director in an effort to avoid repetition.

AceShowbiz - %cElizabeth Banks% issues a statement regarding her departure as a director from "Pitch Perfect 3". The actress who helmed the second installment explains why she is passing the torch to a new director for the third entry.

"It was all timing," she says at the annual PGA on the Sony Lot in Culver City. "We feel obligated to put out the best movie, and anyone who has done sequels, this third one is hard to figure out what the story is. We want to give the audience what it wants but not making it repetitive."

"We have been in development and it took longer than we thought, and I needed to shoot another movie in the summer. If we pushed into fall it bumped up against my parental responsibilities, which made me feel uncomfortable," she adds.

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