Kanye West Disses Deadmau5 After Getting Backlash for Allegedly Pirating Music Software

Kanye makes fun of the mouse-headed DJ who blasts him for seemingly using Pirate Bay to download music software.

AceShowbiz - Kanye West adds another star to his list of enemies. After having a spat with Taylor Swift, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, the hip-hop star now has a Twitter war with fellow Tidal artist Deadmau5. He trolled the DJ in various tweets after the latter called him out for allegedly pirating music software.

"What the f**k @kanyewest ... Can't afford serum? D**k," the mouse-headed DJ wrote to Kanye in response to the rapper's computer screenshot displaying Sufjan Stevens' "Death with Dignity" on YouTube and his other browser tab that showed Pirate Bay to download a software synthesiser called Xfer Serum. Deadmau5 added, "Let's start a Kickstarter to help @kanyewest afford a copy of Serum. He needs a small loan of 200$ #prayforyeezy."

The pirate allegation was quickly denied. A source from Kanye's camp explained the confusion to TMZ, "Ye was in the studio Tuesday and thought it'd be funny to send out the pic. He's well aware 'TLOP' has been pirated more than 500k times, and while he'd never steal music ... he knew the Internet would have a field day." The source said Kanye only used Macs while the computer shown in his tweet was Samsung.

Kanye later fired back at Deadmau5. "#ok very serious question ... # whose job is it to carry the head on the plane # hash tag # do you check the mickey mouse head or carry on # does it get hot?" the 38-year-old star mockingly wrote. "# ok another super serious question ... is there a portable fan situation?"

He hurled more insults with these tweets, "# hash tag you raised Tidal's subscriptions by a whopping [three mouse emojis] downloads. # Im bored ### when you get married will your wife have a giant minnie mouse head? # This brightened up my day ... thank you dead-mow-five. Do you do birthday parties?? My daughter loves Minnie mouse ..."

"Can you please bring the minnie mouse head ... not yours she specifically likes minnie mouse ...," Kanye added. "I need you to perform at her party with specifically a minnie mouse dead-mow-five head ... not a mickey mouse dead-mow-five head. I'm very detailed oriented and I will know the difference so don't try to just throw a bow on the original head ... I want to stream you performing in a Minnie Mouse head on @Tidal."

Meanwhile, Deadmau concluded his post for the day with, "I'm gunna sleep. Way too delirious to be on Twitter right now. Know your limits. Gnight!"

In between trolling, Kanye managed to sneak in information that he's going to drop new music this Friday with 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne.

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