Denis Leary Hints at Possible Plot for 'Amazing Spider-Man 3'

The actor who portrayed Captain Stacy in 'The Amazing Spider-Man' series hinted that in the third installment of the rebooted franchise, the webcrawler would be able to resurrect dead people.

AceShowbiz - While Sony is developing its upcoming untitled new Spider-Man movie, news about the third installment of "The Amazing Spider-Man" surfaced. In an interview with IGN, Denis Leary hinted that the now-aborted film, "The Amazing Spider-Man 3", was supposed to have a ridiculous plot.

Leary was asked whether he was disappointed that he could not finish the story of the rebooted franchise. "I was disappointed because I'm totally selfish and greedy and I was part of the franchise I came back briefly into," he said.

The actor explained that if the third movie was happening, he would have returned to the movie. It means that his dead character, Captain Stacy, would have come back to the movie in some capacity. "Part of the discussion was that possibly in 3, there was this idea at one point that Spider-Man would be able to take this formula and regenerate the people in his life that had died. So, there was this discussion that Captain Stacy would come back even bigger in episode 3."

There have been speculations that Peter Parker was going to resurrect the dead. Besides Captain Stacy, Spider-Man may bring back to life his lovely ones such as his parents, Gwen Stacy and uncle Ben.

This is not the first time the movie has been reported to bring back dead characters. Previously, there's an e-mail in the Sony hack that simply said, "If you think this is a good idea we should just give this back to Marvel."

Although the third installment of "The Amazing Spiderman" will not happen, fans can enjoy the new version of the webslinger, played by Tom Holland, in the third reboot of the franchise which will premiere in the U.S. on July 28, 2017. People can also expect early appearance of Holland's Spidey in "Captain America: Civil War" which will open in U.S. theaters on May 6, 2016.

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