John Travolta: Scientology Is Targeted Because It 'Works Well'

The 'Pulp Fiction' actor defends his beliefs in an interview, claiming the religion has often been scrutinized because 'it's not understood.'

AceShowbiz - %cJohn Travolta% came out in defense of Scientology during an interview with %cAmy Robach% on "Good Morning America" on Monday, April 20. When Robach asked him why Scientology brought so much controversy and intrigue, the actor responded, "Mostly because it's not understood."

"People really need to take time and read a book. You know? That's my advice. You could read 'A New Slant on Life', you could read 'Dianetics'. And I think if you really read it, you'll understand it, but unless you do, you'll speculate. And I think that's a mistake to do that," Travolta added.

The interview continued as the host asked why the religion "become such a target for critics." Travolta replied, "Sometimes when something really works well it becomes a target." He explained how the religion had helped him through difficult times. "Forty years, for me, I've been part - and I've loved every minute of it. My family has done so well with it. You know? It's a beautiful thing for me. I've saved lives with it, and saved my own life several times. Through the loss of my son, it helped me every step of the way for two years solid, and here I am talking to you because of it," he said.

Travolta had already spoken out about his religion earlier this month in an interview with Tampa Bay Times. Following the premiere of HBO's critical documentary, "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief", he responded to the film which features the church former members' testimonies of alleged mental and physical abuses, "I haven't experienced anything that the hearsay has [claimed], so why would I communicate something that wasn't true for me?"

The star of "The Forger" did not really seem to take the matter seriously. He gave responses to the documentary, "It wouldn't make sense, nor would it for Tom [Cruise], I imagine. So, why would I even approach a negative perspective? That would be a crime to me, personally, to do that."

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