Julian Fellowes' New NBC Drama May Feature Dowager Countess From 'Downton Abbey'

The 'Downton Abbey' creator says 'The Gilded Age' may feature Robert Grantham in his teens, a little Cora and a young Violet Crawley.

AceShowbiz - "Downton Abbey" may end after six seasons, but the characters could find a place in another show. Series creator Julian Fellowes recently hinted that some of the Crawleys, including the Dowager Countess, might be featured on his potential new series "The Gilded Age".

"Robert [Crawley] would be in his early teens, Cora would be a child. A young Violet could make an appearance," he told Daily Mail on Sunday when talking about his American drama set in New York in the 1880s.

He, however, noted that plans for the new show had not been finalized yet. "We'll have to see," he added.

Fellowes previously said he wouldn't start writing "The Gilded Age" until he finishes with "Downton Abbey", which will end with the upcoming sixth season slated to air later this year in the U.K. He said, "I do want to be off with the old love before I'm on with the new."

"The Gilded Age" will follow the princes of the American Renaissance, and the vast fortunes they made in the era. The show, which is being developed at NBC, is currently looking for "the American Downton" and a source said "one of the Vanderbilt mansions is a frontrunner."

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