Josh Gad Suggests He Was Only Paid 'a Couple of Thousand' From 'Frozen'

The 'Wedding Ringer' actor hints at his little paycheck made from voicing Olaf the Snowman in Disney's wildly-popular animation.

AceShowbiz - How much did %cJosh Gad% make on Disney's multi-billion movie "Frozen (2013)"? During a visit to "Late Show with David Letterman", the actor who voiced the loveable Olaf and will reprise his role in the sequel "Frozen 2" suggested he was paid little for his role.

"The thing made a couple of billion and I made a couple of thousand," the actor spilled to %cDavid Letterman%. He backtracked on his statement, "No, they actually paid me really well," before giving mixed signals by shaking his head. "I love you Disney, I really do..."

Regardless of his paycheck, Gad had "a blast" taking part in the movie. "They really let me define it... My daughter, who's about 4 years old, sort of grew up with these [Disney] movies, so when I did 'Frozen', it was really exciting," he said. "Now, she's completely over it. She really is."

"Do you know 'Big Hero 6'?... So my daughter's now obsessed with Baymax," he added, naming another Disney animation. "I have to kind of take her a step back down every time she's like, 'Oh, Daddy, I love that Baymax so much.' I go, 'Oh really? Does Baymax pay for the roof over your head? Does Baymax pay for your private school? No. We love Olaf in this house.' "

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