Lara Logan Hospitalized due to Brutal Sexual Assault Sustained in Egypt

A spokesman for '60 Minutes' confirmed Lara Logan's hospitalization but declined to discuss details of her condition.

AceShowbiz - Lara Logan is readmitted to hospital, it has been confirmed. Several reliable sources including one family friend, Ed Butowsky, told Breitbart News on Monday evening, March 23 that the reporter of CBS News' "60 Minutes" was readmitted to hospital due to longtime complication stemming from traumatic sexual assault she got during her time covering the Arab Spring in 2011.

A spokesman for "60 Minutes" also wrote in an email about the news, "We were sorry to hear this morning that Lara was readmitted to the hospital." However, he refused to provide more details about the condition and only wished Logan a "speedy recovery."

Asked about in which hospital Logan is being taken care of, Butowsky only said that Logan is in a hospital in the Washington area and declined to name the specific hospital until Logan is out to protect her privacy. Butowsky also said that Logan had been going in and out of the hospital for the last few years after having the "brutal attack" during the Arab Spring. In this year alone, Butowsky said, she had been going to the hospital at least four times. However, the sexual assault did not stop her from continuing working and bringing news from the most dangerous places on earth while raising her two children.

"Very few people know how stoic and incredibly tough this lady is. In spite of everything she's had to face in the last two years, people have no idea the physical suffering she has been enduring due to the brutal sexual assault she encountered in Egypt during the Arab Spring while reporting for '60 Minutes'," Butowsky said of his close friend. "I've been in and around this business and people don't understand how hard reporters work and how much time they put in." He went on sharing, "Lara, above all of it, has been doing it for four years since this brutal attack and suffering in every way, shape or form. Maybe it's time for people to realize these people are human beings."

In 2012, Logan told the Daily News herself that the assault made her suffer from a latent post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). "People don't really know that much about post-traumatic stress disorder," she said. "There's something called latent PTSD. It manifests itself in different ways. I want to be free of it, but I'm not." She went on sharing, "It doesn't go away. It's not something I keep track of. It's not predictable like that. But it happens more than I'd like."

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