Kanye West Surprised Bachelorette Party in New Orleans

The 37-year-old rapper treated partygoers at a bachelorette party to a bottle of champagne during his trip to New Orleans this weekend.

AceShowbiz - Kanye West surprised a bachelorette party in New Orleans this weekend by treating the partygoers to a bottle of champagne. In a photo posted on Instagram by Jess Kingsbery, a friend of the bachelorette, Kanye sat together in a table with other guests.

A guest named Alison Dempsey shared another picture taken at the party along with the caption, "Just a pic of the bachelorette thanking Kanye for the bottle of champagne he bought for us. #nobigdeal #BobOnBourbon."

According to Jess, the party was held on Saturday night, October 4 at Galatoire's restaurant by her friend Siobhan DePietro as a celebration of her upcoming wedding. At the same time and place, Kanye was enjoying dinner with a group of guys.

Jess and her friends, who were huge fans of Kanye, asked a waiter to send a bottle of bubbly to his table, but Kanye switched things up. "The waiter brought it over and said the champagne was compliments of Mr. West and his party," Jess told E! Online, "It was so crazy, we could not get over it."

Later, Kanye also agreed to pose for some group pictures with them. In some pictures obtained by the site, the "New Slaves" rapper could be seen smiling together with the group.

The group asked Kanye about his marriage life with Kim Kardashian. "Married life is great," Jess recalled the "On Sight" rapper's response. Jess said of Kanye, "It was such a fun surprise. He was very, very nice. It was the best night of our lives."


Just a pic of the bachelorette thanking Kanye for the bottle of champagne he bought for us. #nobigdeal #BobOnBourbon

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