Video: Neil Patrick Harris' Opening Monologue and Dance Number at 2013 Emmy Awards

Video: Neil Patrick Harris' Opening Monologue and Dance Number at 2013 Emmy Awards

Harris gets some help from Jimmy Kimmel, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to open the show and is joined by Nathan Fillion and Sarah Silverman for a number in the middle of the show.
Neil Patrick Harris did not deliver a big opening number to kick off the 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards but it didn't make his monologue less interesting. After throwing jokes about watching "American Horror Story: Asylum" on his soft lens and that Paula Deen called "Orange Is the New Black" "Orange Is the New African American", his speech was cut by last year's Emmy host Jimmy Kimmel who wanted to share some advice to Harris.

Kimmel told Harris to enjoy every second on the show because he might not be asked to host again next year. Jane Lynch, who hosted a prior Emmy Awards, then appeared to complain that she wasn't asked back because she's a woman. Harris dismissed her opinion, saying she was barely recognized as a woman when hosting the 2011 Emmys.

Just when the tension got high between Harris and Lynch, Jimmy Fallon showed up to tell the "How I Met Your Mother" star to do tap dance on the show, but Harris said it's "too gay." When he pointed out that he had hosted Emmys once before Kimmel, Lynch and Fallon, Conan O'Brien made sure everyone remember that he had hosted the show twice before all of them.

The camera then zoomed out to give a close-up look at Kevin Spacey while Harris and the previous hosts were arguing onstage. It turned out the "House of Cards" actor asked Kimmel and the others to sabotage Harris, because he was promised the job but later got turned down for a more "likeable" person.

Harris was finally able to tell the others to leave the stage, but Tina Fey and Amy Poehler who sat on the front row said they had other advice for him. They told him to take his pants off and twerk it, but Harris had a better idea, inviting the two funny ladies to present the first award of the night, although they had to struggle a bit to get on to the stage, falling and crawling on the stairs.

When 90 minutes remained, Harris gave what people had demanded from him, singing and dancing for a number in the middle of the show. He was joined by "Castle" star Nathan Fillion and comedienne Sarah Silverman, who tried not to say "vagina" on TV but failed anyway.

He later introduced a dance number which paid tribute to such shows as "Mad Men", "Breaking Bad" and "Game of Thrones", before announcing the winner of Outstanding Choreography Dancing Performance. The award went to "Dancing with the Stars" dancer Derek Hough, who took part in the Emmy dancing performance.

Neil Patrick Harris' monologue at Emmy Awards:

Neil Patrick Harris' sing and dance number at Emmy Awards:

A tribute dance at Emmy Awards:

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