'Sharknado' Director on Possible Sequel: We'll Do 'Die Hard' With Sharks

'Sharknado' Director on Possible Sequel: We'll Do 'Die Hard' With Sharks

Anthony C. Ferrante says nothing is official about a follow-up for the sci-fi thriller, but if there is, 'we have to up the ante.'
With its action-packed scenes, thrilling yet fun story and unique title, "Sharknado" easily caught people's attention and created a buzz after it aired on Syfy last Thursday, July 11. Following the Syfy movie's success, it's not hard to think that there could be a sequel for it.

"We always joked about sequels and what would it take to top this one, but nothing ever official," director Anthony C. Ferrante tells The Hollywood Reporter. "This being so successful, I can't imagine they wouldn't do another one - and if we could find a way to top ourselves, I'd love to come back."

In another interview following the TV movie premiere, the filmmaker best known for his work in low-budget horror movie "Boo" insists, "I don't know if there's going to be a sequel or not," but adds, "If there is, we have to up the ante." He goes on gushing, "If we're going to do this, we better make damn sure we can exceed the original. Maybe, we should do 'Die Hard' with sharks."

Admitting that "Sharknado" is the craziest thing he has done, Ferrante shares his thought on what made it a social-media hit, "We made something fun and unapologetic. It's not dark. It's not foreboding. We're not trying to save the world. We had fun making the movie and it translated into fun for the audience." He reveals that he has been confident about the film since the beginning, claiming, "I knew the concept would get people's interest."

"Sharknado", starring Cassie Scerbo, Ian Ziering, Tara Reid and John Heard, tells a story of a tornado that lifts sharks out of the ocean and deposits them in Los Angeles. It generated 387,000 mentions on social media and was tweeted by celebrities including Mia Farrow, B.J. Novak, Elizabeth Banks and scribe Damon Lindelof.

Despite being a social media sensation, the disaster movie apparently didn't drew a sensational number of audience. According to Nielsen, only 1.4 million viewers watched the movie, which was a typical number for the network's B-movies.

Syfy will re-air "Sharknado" on July 18 at 7 P.M.

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