'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Intense Screaming Match in Boardroom Before Elimination

'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Intense Screaming Match in Boardroom Before Elimination

Omarosa and Dennis Rodman were involved in a heated argument when the two were brought by Lil Jon to face the judges for elimination.
There's always a drama in every episode of "The Celebrity Apprentice", and the latest outing of the current season was no difference. Before Donald Trump eliminated the one whom he thought did the worst job, there was an intense screaming match between two contestants who brought in the least amount of money from the losing team.

Omarosa and Dennis Rodman were yelling at each other, pointing out their own strengths and the other's flaws before the ax. They were brought back to the boardroom by their captain Lil Jon as their team lost the challenge where they were asked to create a three-dimensional art each and sell it at a gallery display.

Team Power actually got Mr. Moneybag Trace Adkins on their side, but the country music crooner was reluctant to join them. "I don't like you very much right now," Trump said, to which he just shrugged it off, "A lot of people don't like me." They eventually collected $179,500, significantly less than Team Plan B $225,000 which was led by Lisa Rinna.

Jon previously warned his members that he would bring anyone who raised the lowest money to face the judges for elimination. Omarosa and Rodman were on the bottom with $12K and $10K respectively, but the latter insisted he went full force in this challenge. He noted he, aside from creating his own art piece, successfully got Derek Jeter to donate a signed bat which sold for $50,000.

Omarosa initially went after Jon, insisting it was his fault they didn't win the challenge. The rapper himself said he would like to keep going with Rodman despite his earlier statement that the one bringing the least money should be fired. The heated argument between Omarosa and Rodman ensued before Trump announced who's going home.

The business magnate eventually sent Omarosa packing. "I adore you. We've had tremendous success together. You helped make the 'Apprentice'. You helped to make me a star," the head judge of the reality game show said to the former contestant on the original (pre Celebrity) version of "The Apprentice".

Last season's champ Piers Morgan who becomes this edition's advisor agreed with Trump. The British star is known for his dislike towards the former political consultant of Al Gore and has said more than once that she is "not a celebrity," thus questioning her participation on the show. Nonetheless, he said, "I'll miss you, Omarosa."

To Rodman, Trump praised his change for the better which apparently made him safe from the chopping block. Last time Rodman appeared on the show, he was rarely sober for taping, but he has redeemed himself and worked hard as a good team player, Trump said. The businessman kept him because of "what he represents."

The other team, Plan B, though winning the challenge, was not short of drama either. At the beginning, they had doubt of winning after losing Adkins. Then, there was argument whether Marilu Renner should get the financial credit for selling Gary Busey's work, which meant Busey made zero if the credit went to Renner.

Before the winning team was announced, Penn Jillette was called the star of the team by project manager Rinna for collecting a total of $85,000. Stephen Baldwin, meanwhile, could only bring in $5,000, which he blamed on his captain for interfering his sale project.

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