Tribeca Film Festival 2013 Announces Full Lineup

Tribeca Film Festival 2013 Announces Full Lineup

Emma Robert's drama, Paul Rudd's comedy, Zac Efron's movie, and Whoopi Goldberg-directed film are among the selections.
More than eighty feature films from new and established filmmakers, ranging from hard-hitting documentaries to romantic story and dramas to teen comedies to be showcased at this year's Tribeca Film Festival have been announced. The selections were made of thousands of films submitted by 30 countries around the globe.

Spotlight section includes "Adult World" which revolves around Emma Roberts as a struggling poet working at a sex shop to support her career, and "Almost Christmas" which follows troublemaker duo Paul Giamatti and Paul Rudd as they go to New York to sell Christmas trees to get rich real quick.

"At Any Price" which is set against the backdrop of farming industry of Iowa with Zac Efron and Dennis Quaid as a son-father duo is included in this category as well, along with Whoopi Goldberg-directed film on ground-breaking comedian Moms Mabley.

In the Midnight screening, movie fans are going to be treated to a series of horror tales including "Dark Touch" about the lone survivor of a bloody massacre, the Frankenstein stories in "Frankenstein's Army" and "The Machine", and thrilling "V/H/S" sequel from "The Raid: Redemption" director Gareth Evans.

A new category, Storyscapes, is added to the festival that will run from April 17 to 28 this year. Five selections are listed in this section, offering to showcase interactive digital-media projects based on participatory narratives.

In the Special Screenings, "Herblock - The Black & The White" about the political cartoonist Herbert Block is listed alongside "The Trials of Muhammad Ali" and "Running From Crazy" that sees actress Mariel Hemingway narrating a film on her family's mental illness .

Furthermore, the Documentary Competition will open with the world premiere of industrial expose "Big Men" that shows what happens when ambition, corruption and greed collide in oil business. The Narrative Competition will open with world premiere of "Bluebird"; and Viewpoints will kick off with the world premiere of "Flex Is Kings".

  • "Adult World", directed by Scott Coffey, written by Andy Cochran - U.S. World Premiere, Narrative.
  • "Almost Christmas", directed by Phil Morrison, written by Melissa James Gibson - U.S. Narrative.
  • "At Any Price", directed by Ramin Bahrani, written by Hallie Elizabeth Newton and Bahrani - U.S. Narrative.
  • "Before Midnight", directed by Richard Linklater, written by Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke and Linklater - U.S. Narrative.
  • "Big Bad Wolves", directed and written by Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado - Israel. Narrative.
  • "Bottled Up", directed and written by Enid Zentelis - U.S. Narrative.
  • directed by Neil Jordan, written by Moira Buffini - U.K., Ireland. Narrative.
  • "A Case of You", directed by Kat Coiro, written by Justin Long, Keir O'Donnel, and Christian Long - U.S. Narrative.
  • "Cycling with Moliere", directed and written by Philippe Le Guay - France. Narrative.
  • "The Director", directed by Christina Voros - Italy. Documentary.
  • "Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me", directed by Chiemi Karasawa - U.S. Documentary.
  • "The English Teacher", directed by Craig Zisk, written by Dan Chariton and Stacy Chariton - U.S. Narrative.
  • "Gasland Part II", directed and written by Josh Fox - U.S. Documentary.
  • "G.B.F.", directed by Darren Stein, written by George Northy - U.S. Narrative.
  • "Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia", directed and written by Nicholas Wrathall - U.S. Documentary.
  • "Greetings from Tim Buckley", directed by Daniel Algrant, written by David Brendel, Emma Sheanshang and Algrant - U.S. Narrative.
  • "Haute Cuisine", directed by Christian Vincent, written by Etienne Comar and Vincent - France. Narrative.
  • "I Got Somethin' to Tell You", directed by Whoopi Goldberg - U.S. Documentary.
  • "In God We Trust", directed and written by Victor Kubicek and Derek Anderson - U.S. Documentary.
  • "Inside Out: The People's Art Project", directed by Alastair Siddons - France, U.K. Documentary.
  • "Lil Bub & Friendz", directed by Andy Capper and Juliette Eisner - U.S. Documentary.
  • "McConkey", directed and written by Steve Winter, Murray Wais, Scott Gaffney, David Zieff, and Rob Bruce - U.S. Documentary.
  • "The Motivation", directed by Adam Bhala Lough - U.S. Documentary.
  • "The Pretty One", directed and written by Jenee LaMarque - U.S. Narrative.
  • "Prince Avalanche", directed and written by David Gordon Green - U.S. Narrative.
  • "The Project, directed and written by Shawn Efran and Adam Ciralsky - U.S. Documentary.
  • "Reaching for the Moon", directed by Bruno Barreto, written by Matthew Chapman and Carolina Kotscho - Brazil. Narrative.
  • "The Reluctant directed by Mira Nair, written by Mohsin Hamid, William Wheeler, Ami Boghani - India, Pakistan, U.S. Narrative.
  • "Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic", directed by Marina Zenovich, written by Peter Morgan - U.S. Documentary.
  • "A Single Shot", directed by David M. Rosenthal, written by Matthew F. Jones - U.K., USA, Canada. Narrative.
  • "Some Velvet Morning", directed and written by Neil LaBute; U.S. Narrative.
  • "Trust Me", directed and written by Clark Gregg - U.S. Narrative.
  • "Whitewash", directed by Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais, written by Marc Tulin and Hoss-Desmarais; -Canada. Narrative.
    "Dark Touch", directed and written by Marina de Van - France. Narrative.
  • "Frankenstein's Army", directed by Richard Raaphorst, written by Chris W. Mitchell and Miguel Tejada-Flores - Netherlands. Narrative.
  • "Fresh Meat", directed by Danny Mulheron, written by Briar Grace-Smith - New Zealand. Narrative.
  • "The Machine", directed and written by Caradog James - U.K. Narrative.
  • "Mr. Jones", directed and written by Karl Mueller - U.S. Narrative.
  • "Raze, directed by Josh Waller, written by Robert Beaucage - U.S. Narrative.
  • "V/H/S/2", directed by Simon Barrett, Adam Wingard, Eduardo Sanchez, Gregg Hale, Timo Tjahjanto, Gareth Evans, Jason Eisener, written by Barrett, Jamie Nash, Tjahjanto, Evans, Eisener, and John Davies - U.S., Indonesia. Narrative.
  • "A Journal of Insomnia", project creators: Bruno Choiniere, Philippe Lambert, and Guillaume Braun -Canada.
  • "Robots in Residence", project Creators: Brent Hoff and Alexander Reben - U.S.
  • "Sandy Storyline", project Creators: Rachel Falcone, Laura Gottesdiener, and Michael Premo - U.S.
  • "Star Wars Uncut", project Creator: Casey Pugh - U.S.
  • "This Exquisite Forest", project Creators: Aaron Koblin and Chris Milk - U.S.
Special Screenings:
  • "Alberi", directed by Michaelangelo Frammartino - Italy. Documentary.
  • "Sidewalk Stories", directed and written by Charles Lane - U.S. Narrative.
  • "Herblock - The Black & The White", directed by Michael Stevens, written by Sara Lukinson and Stevens - U.S. Documentary.
  • "The Trials of Muhammad Ali", directed by Bill Siegel - U.S. Documentary.
  • "Running From Crazy", directed by Barbara Kopple - U.S. Documentary.
  • "Mobius", directed and written by Eric Rochant - France. Narrative.
World Narrative Feature Competition:
  • "Ali Blue Eyes", directed by Claudio Giovannesi, written by Filippo Gravino and Giovannesi. (Italy) - International Premiere.
  • "Before Snowfall", directed by Hisham Zaman, written by Kjell Ola Dahl and Zaman. (Norway, Germany, Iraqi Kurdistan Region) - International Premiere.
  • "Bluebird", directed and written by Lance Edmands. (USA) - World Premiere.
  • "The Broken Circle Breakdown", directed by Felix van Groeningen, written by Carl Joos and van Groeningen. (Belgium, Netherlands) - North American Premiere.
  • "Hide Your Smiling Faces", directed and written by Daniel Patrick Carbone. (USA) - North American Premiere.
  • "Just a Sigh", directed and written by Jerome Bonnell. (France) - International Premiere.
  • "Lily", directed by Matt Creed, written by Amy Grantham and Creed. (USA) - World Premiere.
  • "The Rocket", directed and written by Kim Mordaunt. (Australia) - North American Premiere.
  • "Six Acts", directed by Jonathan Gurfinkel, written by Rona Segal. (Israel) - North American Premiere.
  • "Stand Clear of the Closing Doors", directed by Sam Fleischner, written by Rose Lichter-Marck and Micah Bloomber. (USA) - World Premiere.
  • "Sunlight Jr.", directed and written by Laurie Collyer. (USA) - World Premiere.
  • "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?", directed and written by Arvin Chen. (Taiwan R.O.C.) - North American Premiere.
World Documentary Feature Competition:
  • "Aatsinki: The Story of Arctic Cowboys", directed and written by Jessica Oreck. (Finland) - World Premiere.
  • "Alias Ruby Blade: A Story of Love and Revolution", directed by Alex Meillier, written by Tanya Ager Meillier and Meillier. (USA) - North American Premiere.
  • "Big Men", directed by Rachel Boynton, written by Rachel Boynton. (USA) - World Premiere.
  • "The Genius of Marian", directed by Banker White and Anna Fitch. (USA) - World Premiere.
  • "The Kill Team", directed by Dan Krauss, written by Lawrence Lerew, Linda Davis and Krauss. (USA) - World Premiere.
  • "Let the Fire Burn", directed by Jason Osder. (USA) - World Premiere.
  • "Michael H. Profession: Director", directed and written by Yves Montmayeur. (Austria, France) - World Premiere.
  • "Oxyana", directed by Sean Dunne. (USA) - World Premiere.
  • "Powerless", directed by Fahad Mustafa, Deepti Kakkar, written by Mustafa. (India) - North American Premiere.
  • "Raw Herring", directed by Leonard Retel Helmrich and Hetty Naaijkens-Retel Helmrich. (Netherlands) - World Premiere.
  • "Red Obsession", directed and written by David Roach and Warwick Ross. (Australia) - North American Premiere.
  • "Teenage", directed by Matt Wolf, written by Jon Savage and Wolf. (USA) - World Premiere.
  • "A Birder's Guide to Everything", directed by Rob Meyer, written by Luke Matheny and Meyer. (USA) - World Premiere, Narrative.
  • "Bending Steel", directed by Dave Carroll, written by Ryan Scafuro and Carroll. (USA) - World Premiere, Documentary.
  • "BIG JOY: The Adventures of James Broughton", directed by Stephen Silha, Eric Slade, and Dawn Logsdon. (USA) - New York Premiere, Documentary.
  • "Bridegroom", directed and written by Linda Bloodworth Thomason. (USA) - World Premiere, Documentary.
  • "Cutie and the Boxer", directed by Zachary Heinzerling, written by Ada Bligaard Soby. (USA) - New York Premiere, Documentary.
  • "Dancing in Jaffa", directed by Hilla Medalia, written by Philip Shane and Medalia. (Israel, USA) - World Premiere, Documentary.
  • "Deep Powder", directed by Mo Ogrodnik. (USA) - World Premiere, Narrative.
  • "Farah Goes Bang", directed by Meera Menon, written by Laura Goode and Menon. (USA) - World Premiere, Narrative.
  • "Flex Is Kings", directed by Deidre Schoo and Michael Nichols. (USA) - World Premiere, Documentary.
  • "Floating Skyscrapers", directed and written by Tomasz Wasilewski. (Poland) - World Premiere, Narrative.
  • "Harmony Lessons", directed and written by Emir Baigazin. (Kazakhstan, Germany, France) - North American Premiere, Narrative.
  • "Jin", directed and written by Reha Erdem. (Turkey) - North American Premiere, Narrative.
  • "Kiss the Water", directed by Eric Steel (USA, U.K.) - World Premiere, Documentary.
  • "Lenny Cooke", directed by Benny Safdie and Joshua Safdie. (USA) - World Premiere, Documentary.
  • "The Moment", directed by Jane Weinstock, written by Jane Gloria Norris and Weinstock. (USA) - World Premiere, Narrative.
  • "Northwest", directed by Michael Noer, written by Rasmus Heisterberg and Noer. (Denmark) - North American Premiere, Narrative.
  • "Odayaka", directed and written by Nobuteru Uchida. (Japan) - North American Premiere, Narrative.
  • "The Patience Stone", directed by Atiq Rahimi, written by Jean-Claude Carrere and Atiq Rahimi. (Afghanistan, France, Germany) - New York Premiere, Narrative.
  • "Run and Jump", directed by Steph Green, written by Ailbhe Keogan. (Ireland, Germany) - World Premiere, Narrative.
  • "Taboor", directed and written by Vahid Vakilifar. (Iran) - U.S. Premiere, Narrative.
  • "Wadjda", directed and written by Haifaa Al-Mansour. (Saudi Arabia, Germany) - U.S. Premiere, Narrative.
  • "What Richard Did", directed by Lenny Abrahamson, written by Malcolm Campbell. (Ireland) - U.S. Premiere, Narrative.

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