'The Bachelor' Hometown Dates: Sean Meets the Parents and a Girl's 'Ex'

'The Bachelor' Hometown Dates: Sean Meets the Parents and a Girl's 'Ex'

Sean Lowe's date with Desiree is almost interrupted by a man who claims to be her ex-boyfriend, but Desiree finally reveals that it's just a prank.
Sean Lowe met four families in four different cities in the latest episode of "The Bachelor". First, he went to Houston to meet AshLee's parents, but the couple had a picnic first in a field. AshLee said her father is a pastor, which isn't too intimidating for Sean since his father is a preacher in his church. She added, "My parents' approval is extremely important to me."

At her parent's home, AshLee's mom Deborah said she could see in her daughter's eyes that she's madly in love, but she wanted to know Sean's intentions for AshLee and whether he's going to break her heart. "No, ma'am," Sean replied. "It's certainly not my intention."

To AshLee's dad Bruce, Sean convinced him, "I'm crazy about your daughter. I see that love is on the horizon." Sean, meanwhile, brought up AshLee's teen marriage and asked why they gave permission. Bruce said he's afraid AshLee would make a bad decision if he didn't allow it.

When they rejoined AshLee and Deborah, Bruce recalled AshLee's adoption. "The moment I saw her, I had a connection, and I loved her," he said tearfully.

Next, Sean headed to the home of Catherine's family in Seattle. They walked around the city's streets and the Pike Place Market before meeting her parents. Catherine warned Sean about her intimidating mom and her picky grandmother, but her sisters were harder to please.

The sisters were skeptical about Catherine and Sean's relationship. "Can you see yourself with him?" one of them asked. "If he proposes at the end, I'd say, yeah, I'd want to try this out," Catherine answered.

The sisters then gave an impression to Sean that they thought Catherine wasn't ready to settle down, saying that she's "messy" and he had to "handle her moods." When Sean asked her mother if she would give her blessing, she said, "We'll see what happens."

The third date was in Lindsay's hometown of Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. They walked around the town and she showed him her old working place, a restaurant. Sean asked what he should call her general father, and she said he could call her father by his name, Mark. After doing some push-ups as told by Lindsay, Sean finally met her parents and her brother.

Lindsay's mother Lisa talked to Sean in private and asked him, "Are you falling in love with Lindsay?" He replied, "I'm not in a position to say that right now," adding that when he said it, it meant he's ready to spend the rest of his life with her. Lisa was pleased with the answer, calling it "honest." She also concluded, "He's not going to share those type of words with anyone. ... That really told me a lot about him."

Lindsay's father was worried that his daughter would be hurt at the end of the show. When Sean asked his blessing if he wanted to propose, Mark initially said, "That's kind of tough. I don't know. I don't think I've ever been asked a tougher question in my life," before finally giving a greenlight, "You have my blessing... As long as Lindsay says yes, you have my blessing."

Last but not least, Sean would meet Desiree's parents in her house in L.A. instead of in the family's house. She was preparing when a man who claimed to be her ex-boyfriend came. "Des, I love you, OK? I've been texting, calling. Where the hell have you been?" he said. "I love you more than anyone."

Sean was obviously not happy about it and asked the guy to leave, but the man insisted to stay and called Sean an "actor." When things were about to heat up, Desiree revealed it was just a prank and she got him back for the prank he pulled on their earlier date. "You got me better than I got you," he admitted.

When Sean finally met Desiree's family, he easily got her father and mother's blessing but not her brother's. "I'm thinking like, this is not going to work," Nate told his sister. "This is stupid, almost. I know you're ready. I don't want it to be with the wrong dude."

To Sean, Nate said, "I believe that she's really into you. But you're not into her. I don't think that reciprocation is there." He didn't believe that Sean was into Desiree and went on calling Sean a "playboy."

Desiree said she was disappointed with her brother's attitude and she had a reason to be worried since Sean couldn't see himself being part of the family.

Before the rose ceremony, Sean admitted to Chris Harrison that he was more confused than before. Desiree apologized for her brother's attitude before he gave the roses to AshLee and Lindsay.

Sean couldn't make up his mind whom he should give the last rose to, so he went to Chris for another advice. Sean finally decided to give the third rose to someone "who will he miss the most tomorrow," and that girl is Catherine.

"I feel like I can make you the happiest," Desiree claimed. "I feel like you're making a huge mistake. I really do. ... A hundred percent. Not even 99.9! A hundred percent." He admitted, "It might be," but he didn't change his mind. She weeped in the limo, "I don't know what I'm going to do about my life... Oh, Sean, I don't want to say goodbye."

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