'The Bachelor' Recap: Sean Lowe Picks Final Four, Sends Home the Villain

'The Bachelor' Recap: Sean Lowe Picks Final Four, Sends Home the Villain

After getting some advice from his sister and witnessing more drama between the girls, Sean realizes that he shouldn't keep the girl who doesn't get along with the other ladies.
Sean Lowe narrowed it down to four in the latest episode of "The Bachelor", but not before going on a date with the remaining six girls for one more time. In this week's edition, they would all enjoy the beauty of St. Croix's beaches.

AshLee got the first one-on-one date card. She and Sean took a catamaran to an island. During their chat, Sean asked about the situation in the house and AshLee revealed, "It's the house and Tierra... She is not polite. She isolates herself. The girl you get is a completely different girl than the house gets." Sean appreciated her honesty and they were kissing on the beach.

They later had a dinner on the beach. AshLee said she had a thing to say, and it sounded serious. She opened up about her tough time when he was a teen and her failed marriage when she was still 17. "It breaks my heart to tell you about that. I'm like crazy about you and I don't want poor mistakes in my past to affect our future, but that's my skeleton in my closet," she shared.

Sean's response was, "I thought you were going to tell me something terrible," as he still likes her. "I think you're perfect the way you are and I certainly don't view you as being broken, 'cuz you're not. Take that out of your vocabulary," he explained.

Tierra got the second one-on-one date card and she complained about the bugs and being sweaty and her makeup. They strolled the streets of St. Croix, grabbing some snacks and doing a little shopping.

Asked about her relationship with the other girls, Tierra said, "It's difficult because I feel like no matter how hard I try... the girls don't want to accept. ... I try to talk to them. I try to get involved. They go do their own thing all the time and don't say a word to me."

√�¬≠During a dinner, Tierra said she felt "there was a little distant" from Sean and she didn't know why. She later let him know that she loved him. "I'm falling for you and hopefully you know that and you go home tonight and take that into consideration," she told him. "I'm falling in love with you."

Sean woke Catherine, Desiree and Lindsay up at 5 A.M. as he wanted to see them without makeup. For their group date, they went to most eastern part of the U.S. to see the sunrise. They later headed to the opposite site of the island to see the sunset and had a swim.

At the beach, Catherine told Sean about her father who's in China and attempted suicide in front of her and her sister when she was 14. Desiree cried when talking about her family, but it was Lindsay who got a rose because she "hasn't wavered a bit from the beginning."

Lesley got the last date card in the episode and she was so excited. Sean, meanwhile, told the cameras, "I think I have stronger feelings for other women here, so today I have to figure it out." They had a picnic and envisioned what their hometown date would be like.

Sean then got a visit from his sister Shay, who shared some advice. Asked if he could see himself marrying one of the girls, Sean said, "Well, here's the thing: I could see the possibility of marriage with all of them, and not one stands out."

In the hotel, Tierra was mad as she accused AshLee of talking bad about her in front of Sean. Tierra yelled and cried, and Sean arrived to comfort her. "I don't understand why you're acting like this," he told Tierra and he got reminded of her sister's advide, "Don't end up with the girl no one likes."

So Sean decided to send Tierra home. "I'm crazy about you and I have been since the very first night. And because I care so much about you, I just think it might be best if, you know, you go home right now," he told her and walked her out. She cried in a minivan, but claimed, "I'll be OK, though. I'm strong. I'll get through it."

At the rose ceremony, Desiree, Catherine and AshLee got the roses, meaning that Lesley was sent packing. "Rejection hurts. Heartbreak hurts. It doesn't feel good. Rejection doesn't feel good," she said to the cameras.

Catherine didn't take Lesley's elimination well, as she said, "I honestly can't explain how I'm feeling right now. If he doesn't want Lesley, I don't know why I'm here. She has more in common with him than I do."

In next week's episode, Sean meets the girls' families in their hometowns.

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