Justin Bieber Cancer Hoax Tried to Persuade Fans to Shave Heads

Justin Bieber

Some fans were asked to shave their heads to support Justin, before it's proven that a rumor saying Justin suffered from cancer is no more than a hoax.
Justin Bieber's fans don't need to shave their heads since the 18-year-old singer doesn't suffer from cancer at all. A hashtag #baldforbieber was trending for a while on Twitter, but faded as soon as people found out the truth. Kenny Hamilton, Justin's bodyguard tweeted, "No," on Friday, October 26, to reply to a friend's question, "Is it true about justin having cancer?"

So far, no real Beliebers make a claim that they were victims of the cancer hoax. Additionally, the "Never Say Never" singer hasn't made any comments on it yet.

Some of the singer's fans were not convinced by the hoax. A fan joked, "Shave your beaver for Bieber." Another one tweeted, "It's sad that girls are going #BaldForBieber because I bet if one of their family members had cancer they wouldn't even shave their heads."

Previously, a YouTube video uploaded on Tuesday, October 23, entitled "Justin Bieber has cancer, support him! #baldforbieber" featured bald girls to support the "As Long As You Love Me" singer. A hairless girl smiled in the video with a statement written down, "I went bald for Justin will you??? #FORJUSTIN."

Another YouTube video of the same date entitled "Justin Bieber diagnosed with cancer ;( #baldforbieber" featured more hairless girls, even a fake Justin Twitter status. It said, "Everyone who shaves their hair today and posts a picture will get a signed copy of Believe #baldforbieber." Another fake Justin tweet read, "Several of my AWESOME supporters are shaving their heads to help me get through this! I love my fans! #BaldforBieber."

A fake tweet from Entertainment Tonight additionally stated, "Pop Star Justin Bieber was diagnosed with cancer earlier this morning. Bieber fans are shaving their heads to show their support." Both fake tweets posted under the name Justin and ET have been removed.

Someone with the alias ErroneousDylan on Reddit later revealed how the hoax creator and gang spread the lies, stating, "This is actually not true at all. I was there when we started this s***. Somebody made a few twitter accounts, we edited Wikipedia, we spammed chat rooms, and we even posted here on Reddit (but it was deleted for lack of evidence). Somebody make a few fake news posts too which were convincing but without a link it wasn't enough."

"The girls you are seeing are actually sisters/girlfriends of a few /b/tards that did this to try and convince other girls to do it," the hoax creator explained. "I'm trying to find one of the YouTube videos of some dude's sister fake crying but I can't seem to find it at the moment."

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