Taylor Hanson's Wife Natalie Hanson Gives Birth to Her Fifth Baby

Natalie Bryant, Taylor Hanson

Taylor Hanson and Natalie Hanson have just welcomed their fifth child, a baby girl named Wilhelmina Jane.
Taylor Hanson's wife, Natalie Hanson, welcomes her fifth baby, who is a daughter named Wilhelmina Jane. The baby girl was born on Tuesday, October 2.

"Natalie and I are thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest family member, Wilhelmina Jane Hanson," Taylor expressed his happiness to PEOPLE. "She arrived on Tuesday, October 2, and was welcomed by more love than could fit in the room," he continued.

The 29-year-old band member of Hanson said once in April that they were going to have another baby. Later in July, they told the press that the baby was a girl.

Discovering that they were going to have a daughter, the happy parents started to scan a new name. In summer, Natalie blogged, "Thinking back on all the children's names has helped to give me a fresh perspective in choosing the name for the baby girl we are expecting in the fall."

Later, she continued, "It has helped to remind me how the right name seems to come at the right time and how, no matter how 'perfect' the choice, it will only be a part of all this little person will become."

The couple has five children in total, 9-year-old Jordan Ezra, 7-year-old Penelope Anne, 6-year-old River Samuel, 3.5-year-old Viggo Moriah, and the newborn Wilhelmina. All the children were given unique names since the 28-year-old wife of the pop rock star was very selective to give her children names.

The first born, Ezra, was named after Taylor's father whose full name is Jordan Taylor Hanson. "Ezra turns 10 in October and I am still in love with his name," she shared.

The name of their second child and first daughter, Penelope, was to honor Natalie's mother Pamela. Later, she named her second son River after hearing his father singing "Ol' Man River".

Regarding her fourth child, Natalie gave no room for discussion. "The Hansons have a large whiteboard in their kitchen where all family business is posted. I took a marker and wrote on the board, 'The family baby number four will be named Viggo Moriah. That is the name. It will not be changed'," she looked back.

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