'Big Brother' Reveals Cycle 14 Winner, Gets Renewed for 15th Season

'Big Brother' Reveals Cycle 14 Winner, Gets Renewed for 15th Season

Ian wins the final HoH in the September 19 outing, choosing to evict Danielle and take Dan with him to the final two.
Ditching freedom to live in the "Big Brother" house for more than two months was worth it for one contestant who went home with the $500,000 grand prize in the season 14 finale. When the episode started, Ian Terry, Danielle Murphree and Dan Gheesling were still playing the endurance game for the first part of the final HoH competition.

Dan managed to convince Ian and Danielle to drop the game, so the latter two were battling it out in Part 2, which was a puzzle game. Ian won in the second round and competed against Dan in the third part. Ian defeated Dan in the challenge, which had them completing jury member questions, and thus he secured his place in the final two.

Being the HoH, Ian had to evict one HouseGuest. He voted to send home Danielle and take Dan with him to the final two, claiming he's honoring his commitment to Dan. To host Julie Chen, Danielle said she thought Ian evicted her because she could beat him and opened up that she would vote for Dan.

Ian and Dan then answered questions from the jury, which included Ashley Iocco, Frank Eudy, Jenn Arroyo, Joe Arvin, Britney Haynes, Shane Meaney and Danielle. When asked by Britney why he deserved to win, Ian claimed he took destiny into his own hands.

Dan, meanwhile, made a shocking confession that he would've taken Danielle to the final two if he had won the final HoH, despite his promise to Ian. The engineering student looked upset at Dan for this. In their final speeches, Ian pointed out that Dan backstabbed everyone, while Dan claimed he tried to be humble and had to play a ruthless game.

The jury later gave their votes, which ended up with 6-1 for Ian's win. Meanwhile, Frank Eudy won the America's Choice award for favorite HouseGuest.

On the same day "Big Brother" wrapped up its 14th installment, CBS picked up the show for a 15th season. Just hours before the season finale was broadcast on Wednesday, September 19, the network announced the upcoming cycle would air in summer 2013 with Julie Chen returning as the host.

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