Sage's Cousin Regrets Angry Message, Sylvester Stallone Hires Private Detective

Sage's Cousin Regrets Angry Message, Sylvester Stallone Hires Private Detective

Edd Filiti says he wrote the message 'in a moment of sheer panic,' while Sly recruits the man who has investigated Michael Jackson molestation case to find out the cause of Sage's death.
Soon after his rant about Sylvester Stallone's supposed estranged relationship with Sage was picked up by media, Edd Filiti took to his Facebook to express his regret of posting such story. The son of Sly's half-sister Toni Ann claimed he wrote the message "in a moment of sheer panic."

"I couldn't even breathe i was so angry and confused when i wrote them, and i regret doing so, i deleted them 10 minutes l8r," Filiti explained. In the same posting, he also slammed whoever taking the screenshot of the message and accused him/her of profiting from his family's ordeal.

"What did you make off of my family's tragedy, and my panic, about $10000 i bet, good for you, you earned it. my family's affairs are not for public spectacle, and i would appreciate it if you have the balls to come forward and say it was you, so that i can delete you," he ranted.

Filiti caused a buzz when he sent an angry message to Sly's wife Jennifer Flavin for allegedly separating Sage from his father. "Neither you or he could return a phone call, which is all he wanted, his father. I know you don't care what happened, but you'll care when your (sic) squirming under the burning magnifying glass of public opinion," he said.

While the death of Sage is still unclear pending the result of toxicology tests, Sly reportedly recruits a private investigator to find out what killed his son. According to TMZ, the actor hires Scott Ross who has handled Michael Jackson molestation case and Chris Brown / Rihanna altercation.

Ross reportedly is picked for the job because not only is the detective good at investigating but he also has a long history of working for the Stallone family. Sly doesn't rule out foul play although there's no evidence of criminal activity. He wants complete report including Sage's final weeks and what troubled him if any.

Some rumors surrounding Sage's death suggested he might overdose or commit suicide. His lawyer has repeatedly denied both speculations. In an interview with E! News, his friend Stephen Wozniak also dismissed the suicide theory but did admit the late filmmaker suffered from anxiety.

Stephen remembered, "I spoke to him a few weeks ago. We talked about resurrecting a film we worked on, other projects, talked about his girlfriend and time they'd spent together. We talked about my wedding and he seemed to be thinking about it."

About Sage's anxiety, Stephen said the 36-year-old took prescription medications and smoke two or three packs of cigarettes a day, but he never used drugs, drank or partied. "He would have withdrawal and get depressed," the friend explained.

"He would try to overcompensate. He would try to clown around and I know that those are things people do, medicate or wake up. He was no different. Very few people were telling him 'don't do that.' I did. He was very resistant when [you would tell him that]. It was a sore point with him."

Of Sage's relationship with his father, Stephen said he "had a lot of difficulty with his dad" like many other children, but "whether it was with age, or spending more time with his dad during the holidays, [their relationship] became increasingly better. I think they developed a great bond."

Sage was found dead in his Los Angeles Home on Friday, July 13. A private funeral is rumored to be held this weekend at St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles. His mother Sasha Czack has asked fans to make donations to Autism Speaks in lieu of flowers.

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