Alarm Goes Off at Justin Bieber's Concert at Apollo Theater

Justin Bieber

The sound of alarm is heard inside Apollo Theater due to a power outage that leads Bieber to finish his show in unplugged style.
Justin Bieber had to halt his jam-packed concert at the Apollo Theater on Monday, June 18 when fire alarm went off. "Literally, the boy blew up the Apollo - he heated up the Apollo," his manager Scooter Braun told the Associated Press in a phone interview.

The alarm went off following a power outage that cut the power for most of the stage instruments including the lightings. It happened near the end of the gig which was taped as part of an NBC special to air on a later date and a cross-promotion for Bieber's new album "Believe".

Bieber took the problem in stride at first. "He was joking, he said it was all the hot girls in here," said Apollo's rep Nina Flowers. The teen then played drums and led the crowd sing "Happy Birthday" to Braun, who coincidentally turned 31 that day.

Bieber and his crew were initially informed that the problem would be fixed in only a few minutes, but it took more than 40 minutes. The singer "started to get frustrated," but he turned the negative energy into a positive one by continuing the show in unplugged set.

"He walks out, he literally quiets the crowd, and he says, 'I'm sorry the power is out. . (But) you guys have always had my back. I'm going to sing 'Boyfriend' and you're going to sing it back to me'," Braun recounted. "He is a great artist and entertainer and tonight he showed that."

"What it turned into was an Apollo moment, like one of those impromptu things," Flowers gushed. She continued praising Bieber, "He could have stopped; he could have not gone on and said, 'I did everything.' But he came back on."

Bieber himself wrote on Twitter, "A night none of us will ever forget!! That is how u end an #AllAroundTheWorld run!!! With no power for the last fans sang it 4 me! What I saw tonight! My fans! My Beliebers! They stepped up for me! I love u! I will never forget 2nite! That was the way a show should end.."

His former mentor, Usher, posted on his own page, "Yo! I'm totally blown away by what I just heard...The Apollo performance was a major success for my lil bro @justinbieber tonight. What can I say?....Shut down Apollo Theatre from London to Harlem!! DATS WHAT WE DO!!!"

Braun, meanwhile, tweeted, "if you have any footage on your cameras or phones of what happened for BOYFRIEND at the APOLLO tonight email it to"

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