'The Celebrity Apprentice': Two Stars Fired, One Other Poised to Leave

'The Celebrity Apprentice': Two Stars Fired, One Other Poised to Leave

Donald Trump mixes the teams after the women team bids goodbye to Debbie Gibson, while Dee Snider is fired later although he leads the men team in winning the earlier challenge.
"The Celebrity Apprentice" season 5 sent home two more contestants this week. Debbie Gibson was fired early in the Sunday, April 1 outing after the women team, Forte, lost in the first task, which was to fundraise money by selling New York City guidebooks, which they created. Teresa Giudice was the project manager for women team, while Dee Snider stepped up for the men team, Unanimous.

After taking pictures for their own books, both teams called on their rich friends and asked for donations while selling the books for $5. The men team brought the Blue Man Group, who had a unique way to deliver the money. They filled giant balloons with $8,000 worth of bills, and popped the balloons in the air. When people started grabbing the money, the men team kept reminding the crowd that it was for charity.

Arsenio Hall additionally managed to convince Jay Leno to donate and the host said he would send a blank check so Arsenio could write in the amount that he needs. However, the check didn't arrive in time due to the busy traffic. The women team, meanwhile, had Jeff Foxworthy as one of their donors.

Regis Philbin was also there to determine which team created a better book. Although he loved some parts of each book, at the end he decided that the women team's book won over the men's. Thus, the women team got $35,000 from Toshiba added to the money they raised, making their total to $162,855. Still, they were $14 less of the total money raised by the men's team, so Dee got all the money for his charity.

Teresa then brought back Debbie and Dayana Mendoza to the Boardroom. Mr. Trump said Aubrey O'Day was supposed to be there because she brought in the least amount of money. Since Debbie was the one who raised the least amount of money among the three ladies in the boardroom, she was fired.

Before announcing the second task, Mr. Trump mixed the teams because the women team had only four members left, while the men team still consisted of six members. Aubrey and Teresa joined Paul Teutul Sr., Clay Aiken and Arsenio for Unanimous, while Lisa Lampanelli and Dayana joined Lou Ferrigno, Dee and Penn Jillette for Forte.

The next project was to create a health segment for "Walk with Walgreens". Lou and Arsenio were the project managers for their respective teams. In Unanimous, a new clash began with Aubrey dissing Arsenio and taking over the task he could handle himself.

During the presentation, Penn had a slip of tongue by mentioning Walmart instead of Walgreens, but Dayana saved the day with her joke. The other group's presentation was incorporating a game show theme to give information, but the company's judges seemingly didn't understand that theme.

Despite the bickering between Aubrey and Arsenio, Unanimous eventually won the challenge. Lou then brought back Dayana and Dee to the Boardroom. Mr. Trump said they loved Lou's testimonial at the presentation, but Dayana should've not been nominated for the fired player judging from her performance at the presentation. Since they didn't like the box that Dee designed, he was the one fired.

Meanwhile, Aubrey's team mates could not find her. After her team's win, she told the camera that she hated the unhealthy, negative environment around her and she didn't want to be a part of it anymore. However, her fate is unclear until the next episode of "Celebrity Apprentice" is aired.

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