Jaleel White on Ex's Abuse Allegations: This Is Only Residue From a Child Custody Matter

Jaleel White

In his denial, the 'Dancing with the Stars' contestant says that his ex-girlfriend Bridget Hardy 'has consistently shown a knack for timing throughout our child custody disputes.'
Jaleel White has responded to ex-girlfriend Bridget Hardy's allegations that he was verbally and physically abusive towards her in the past. In a statement released via Rumor Fix, the actor famous for his role as Steve Urkel on the sitcom "Family Matters" assures his fans that the abuse claims are result of their child-custody dispute.

"The allegations made against me back in 2010 have suspiciously resurfaced in time to coincide with my new show on Syfy and 'Dancing with the Stars'," the 35-year-old began his denying statement. He then pointed out that his ex-girlfriend, who is the mother of his two-year-old daughter, "has consistently shown a knack for timing throughout our child custody disputes."

The dancing partner of Kym Johnson on season 14 of "DWTS" went on, "When you're doing well in life it's par for the course certain individuals will try and knock you down. When the individual is also the mother of your only child it is particularly hurtful. I have co-parented in peace and compliance with the law for over two years now."

White continued to note that in the summer of 2010, "a malicious police report" was filed on the same morning that the child custody trial of their then-11-month-old daughter was set to begin. "My daughter was born in California and thanks to our judicial process my daughter remains a California resident," he added. "Up until now we have had a workable joint custody arrangement."

"As much as I would love to go detail for detail refuting Ms. Hardy's claims about the specifics of what was our relationship, the family court judge made it very clear to me any public discussion of our case and ordeal would be held against me in a court of law," he further stated. "Ms. Hardy's attempts at greater sums of money above and beyond child support have continued now for two years."

Sharing his hope that his daughter will see in the future that he handled the situation in a classy manner, White concluded, "Bridget Hardy is the mother of my only daughter in this world and without Ms. Hardy I would not have the treasure that is my daughter. God knows the truth, the authorities swift dismissal of her police report are 2 years in my past. I ask for your sensitivity during this time, I can assure all of my fans this is only residue from a child custody matter."

Abuse allegations against White were made by Hardy in a recent interview with Star magazine. According to Hardy, the former child actor "blew up" in 2010 when she confronted him over evidence of him cheating. She accused him of hitting her "across the chest area." She added that he also pushed her into the toilet that it broke.

Hardy additionally claimed that White was "verbally and emotionally" abusive toward her. "He told me I'm not working; I have no money; I'm white trash. None of it was true," she said. On why she kept silence the past few years, she explained, "I was always protecting him and keeping quiet for him. I know he felt bad."

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