Jean Dujardin After Winning Oscar: 'I Will Never Be an American Actor'

Jean Dujardin

Reacting to speculations that he might pursue career in the U.S. after claiming Best Actor title at the 2012 Academy Awards, the 'Artist' actor says that it's possible but he won't 'dream things up.'
Sunday, February 26 has become a big night for Jean Dujardin as he was hailed as the Best Actor at the prestigious 2012 Academy Awards. Winning an Oscar for his acclaimed portrayal of George Valentin in "The Artist", Dujardin became the first ever France-born actor who won the coveted prize. Following his victory, the thesp admitted that he might consider pursuing career in the U.S., but claimed he will "never be an American actor."

Speaking to French journalists after the Oscars show, Dujardin responded to the swirling speculation that he would pursue acting career in the States after winning big at the prize-giving event. "We're going to see if there are projects to develop, why not," he stated before quickly noting, "But I will never be an American actor. Don't dream things up."

During the interview, the 39-year-old actor shared that winning an Oscar has given him a strange out-of-body experience. He gushed, while clutching his golden statuette, "I've just woken up, and apparently it's not a dream, he [Oscar] is here, and I feel very well, I feel very happy. I present him to you, he's called Oscar, he weighs two kilos. It's nice isn't it. He looks handsome."

Of how he felt about the win, the husband of Alexandra Lamy said that it was "something which has never happened to me, I felt like I left my body." He continued, "I'm not mystical, but for three seconds, my body stayed where it was, and something very strange happened."

Dujardin also recalled the moment when his name was announced as the Best Actor winner. The actor confessed to have received nice words from A-list rivals like George Clooney and Brad Pitt. He said that as he walked to the stage, he saw Clooney to his left, adding, "He made a little sign, [indicating] 'Your turn.' It was very elegant. He is charming."

Furthermore, Dujardin insisted that winning the Oscar would "change nothing" in him. "It just means that it gives more freedom," he claimed. "I don't want it to change my instinct, my choice, what I want. I have a good life, so I don't want it to change."

"I didn't even dream about this career when I was little," he continued on. "It's irrational, it's abstract, but it's funny to see how life takes you and offers you things like this. It's a completely absurd path. I must have a very good star, shining down on me all the time."

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