News Anchor Didn't Blame the Dog After Being Bitten in the Lips During Live TV

News Anchor Didn't Blame the Dog After Being Bitten in the Lips During Live TV

Kyle Dyer, who got 70 stitches after an Argentine mastiff tore her upper lip, is glad that the dog's back with its family and says, 'It's time to move on.'
Two weeks after getting bitten by a dog on a live TV show, Kyle Dyer has finally talked about the incident. In an interview with KUSA-TV, a local station which she works for, the news anchor showed a positive mind as she said she has never blamed Max, the Argentine mastiff which bit her in the lips earlier this month. "I never felt any ill toward Max," she said.

"I'm glad the dog's back home with his family. I never wanted anything but, you know, it was an accident," she added. "And it just kind of all snowballed. And then all that followed. I'm doing better. The dog's back with its family, it's time to move on. I'm glad to be home too and want to move on and to heal."

Talking about her first reaction after the dog bit her, Dyer recalled, "I put my hand like this. I realized all the blood - the top part of my lip here was gone." She further shared, "First thing I think is, 'I'm bleeding and it had to be live on TV.' Then I thought, 'I got to call my mom before one of her bridge friends calls her'."

Dyer had 70 stitches and a skin graft during a four-hour surgery at Denver Health Medical Center, but she did not realize the extent of the injury for two days. "I was so out of it. You and the viewers knew what was going on with me before I knew. It's just driving me crazy. The problem was the lip. I didn't have one. Plastic surgery also puts a face back together and that's what I needed," so she stated.

She later had a second surgery on Monday, February 20 during which she was given 20 new stitches and had the initial 70 stitches removed. On how the injury affected her, she admitted, "Not talking was so difficult for me, but I've become a very fast writer."

Dyer, who says she's "doing good" while recovering from the dog bite, additionally thinks she's lucky because the accident "could have been worse." She explained, "It was bad, but just think if it was my cheek or my nose or my eye or throat. I'm fortunate. I'm going to be fine."

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