'Downton Abbey' Season 3: The Future of Mr. Bates and the Lifestyle Evolution Addressed

'Downton Abbey' Season 3: The Future of Mr. Bates and the Lifestyle Evolution Addressed

Brendan Coyle's John Bates will begin series three in prison, while other characters will be seen enjoying cocktails in London's first night clubs and dancing to ragtime jazz.
"Downton Abbey" has just wrapped its second season in the U.S., but talks about the upcoming chapter have been brewing. In a recent PBS chat session, Brendan Coyle confirmed what people might have predicted of his character after seeing the second season finale as saying, "He [John Bates] begins series three in prison."

While he refused to reveal more details of Mr. Bates' future, the BAFTA Award nominee was willing to share other tidbits from the upcoming season. "There is a wedding...or two?" he teased before adding, "Shirley MacLaine is amongst us....the scripts are superb...stick with us."

Talking further about the addition of MacLaine to the cast ensemble to play Lady Grantham's mother, Coyle gushed, "This casting is ingenious...she is much loved here, her scenes are brilliant and I can assure you she will be a dazzling addition to Downton Abbey."

The upcoming third season of "Downton Abbey" will be set in the 1920s. This era will affect the the characters, in fashion, entertainment, travel, work as well as society. According to The Hollywood Reporter, fans can expect to see slim low-waisted flapper silhouette as corsets are no longer trending. The ladies will additionally style their hair in bobs and flapper spit curls.

In entertainment, the characters may enjoy cocktails which at that moment make their debut in London's first night clubs. Ragtime jazz will play in dance halls, as the characters will dance the Black Bottom, the Shimmy and the Charleston. Two new inventions, gramophone and the crystal radio, will add pleasure in their lives.

In language, the characters will be using new slang and phrases such as "bee's knees" (the ultimate compliment), "cat's meow" (another top compliment), and "giggle water" (alcohol). In society, women will enter workplace as they are not only limited to domestic duties.

"Downton Abbey" season 3 will begin filming this spring and will premiere in U.K. in September. It, however, will not air on PBS until early 2013.

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